Do brokers actually abuse their customers?

I do not know what exactly you mean, but I think most of the reviews and attacks on a specific broker are fake!
I am working with a broker (def. I will not name that) and I saw some bad reviews on the internet about that but one of my friends suggested that to me so I gave it a shot and I am working with that without any problem. So it would be better if you choose brokers at the suggestion of your friends or family members, not by good or even bad reviews on the internet!
guys do you think that brokers actually may abuse the traders?
I think like choosing anything else, selecting a broker requires careful consideration, study, and attention to opportunities and promotions and features. I believe that you can find reputed brokers.
I hear you, trust is a big deal when it comes to choosing a broker and handing over your money. It's totally normal to have doubts. One way to build trust is by doing your homework. Look into their reputation, see if they're regulated by legit authorities, and read reviews from fellow traders. You want a broker that's transparent, has good customer support, and takes your security seriously. At the end of the day, it's your money, so take your time and find a broker you can trust.