Do brokers actually abuse their customers?

We have to do some research in choosing a broker, and we can also ask the opinions of others in the forums and share our opinions and experiences, and finally we have to choose a broker. There is no other way, we should trust.
it is crucial to note that not all brokers engage in such practices, and the majority strive to provide fair and transparent services to their clients. It's essential to choose a reputable broker with some good features to minimize the risk of encountering abusive practices.
Hm... They may actually. It depends on the side to look at this situation from.
Abusing from the point of funds can be natural to poor quality brokers or even scam ones. They can easily cheat on clients, while decent brokers tend to ensures high quality conditions and only then impose some minor charges which serve as "salary" for a broker.
It's not bad, cuz the broker provides you with an infrastructure and access to the market, while you give it money in the form of fees/spreads/swaps. It's honest, and usually they don't charge a lot. It's okay.