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Searching Brokers and withdraws

Help me find a company
It depends what you mean by banks are not an option. I use Neteller(Paysafe) which is a well regulated FCA entity in the UK. Many brokers accept Neteller deposits and they are just about all instant deposit which is great. Withdrawals vary by broker from near instant to, mostly, within 24 hours. Some brokers take a bit longer but that is a function of their processing speed rather than Neteller.

That said, the funds that eventually come out of Neteller will have to go to a bank account, which may or may not be an option for you.

In terms of brokers, just about all major players have Neteller as an option. Just check their websites.

Just be aware that brokers will cover the deposit fees which can be heavy. They will not be happy if you do not provide sufficient volume to justify the fees. Mostly, they reserve the right to pass these fees on to you should your trading fall short of their expectations. Some brokers charge a withdrawal fee, which could be fixed at a nominal amount like $30, up to a percentage as high as 2% of the withdrawal amount.
What is the best broker and online wallet to use where i can make withdraws if banks are not an option?
for choosin a broker U need to consider many factors and check them yourslf however for wallets i can suggest skrill neteller paypal and crypto wallets like ledger or trezor
What is the best broker and online wallet to use where i can make withdraws if banks are not an option?
When selecting a broker and online wallet, it's essential to take into account factors such as security, fees, available cryptocurrencies, and withdrawal options. It's crucial to research various platforms thoroughly before making a decision.
I would recommend paying attention to cryptos or e-wallets if you don’t want to deal with banks.
Although it will be quite hard for you to find a reliable forex broker that allows performing all the payments through cryptos or electronic wallets. Cuz usually credible brokers require to withdraw profits through bank wire transfers. So keep that in mind.