Beginners Questions Forex Peace Army's reviews section "Sort By Rating" is broken


Private, 1st Class
Dear FPA Support,

I'm sorry if my post is not in the right box.

It's been a while since the last time of my visit.
Now I found your Brokers reviews section very messy.

For example,
When I use "Sort by ratings or reviews" (Highest to lowest),
the result shows a list of brokers with no ratings or reviews at all.


When I use the function "Sort by reviews", the result is flooded with brokers with no ratings and reviews also.

I remember it's not like this before.
Now it is very hard to find a good broker with sufficient and high score reviews via this section.
Please fix it.

Thank you very much!
Thanks very much for reporting this. I've confirmed the issue and have notified the coders.
Hi man,

Where is the filter option to see "lowest to highest reviews" when checking reviews of a specific broker?

Now we only have 2 options:
+ Most helpful reviews
+ Recent user reviews.

Please add back the filter option, so we can see lowest to highest reviews.

For ex:
Just for ex. I'm not promoting IC. I don't even use it.