1. thomassup

    What are the most effective technical indicators for identifying trend reversals in the Forex market?

    Appreciate the responses in advance.
  2. starforex


    26/12/2023 A glitch occurred on exness, which drove Usdchf price to unexpected levels compared to all brokers and therefore wipe traders account, my two accounts 53532434 and 53535197 also involved a balance of 4112.49 USD and 5,041, 645.83 NGN respectively all gone I immediately raise...
  3. ExnessOfficial

    Technical Analysis

    Gold is falling towards a potential support zone Gold has fallen strongly since the beginning of the week from prices $1,925 to $1,896 amid sustained USD buying, Fed rate hike expectations. It seems that it is now heading towards a potential support zone around prices $1,890 to $1,884 prices...
  4. ExnessOfficial

    WN37: Technical Analysis on gold and oil

    Crude Oil (USOIL) Oil prices fell on Thursday as concerns about China’s economic outlook outweighed expectations of tighter supplies from extended cuts in Saudi Arabia and Russia. The market also digested mixed data from China, with overall exports falling 8.8% in August, while crude imports...
  5. A

    Williams %R

    Williams %R is a technical indicator used to measure overbought or oversold conditions in financial assets. Developed by Larry Williams, it oscillates between 0 and -100, indicating overbought conditions and oversold conditions. It helps traders identify potential reversal points and helps...
  6. _elabin

    USDCHF Technical Analysis - Forex, Based on Gann Theory

    USDCHF Technical Analysis - Forex, Based on Gann Theory | Elabin Detailed USDCHF forecast as well as a US Dollar - Swiss Franc technical analysis based on Gann Theory *** USDCHF Bullish Trend Pivot Date: 2023-04-13 (41 days ago) Last Update: 2023-05-24...
  7. Sive Morten

    ฿ Bitcoin BTC January Fundamental Report and technical update, 30 January 2023

    Good morning, We've prepared new monthly fundamental report on bitcoin market. In short term perspective, BTC has no technical barriers to reach 25K level, if, of course, no external intruding happens this week. On intraday charts we have to keep an eye on 23.5K support area. Market has to...
  8. ImpactTradingService

    Gold Technical Chart Analysis from Impact Trading Services

    Gold is entering a monthly supply/resistance area between 1880 - 1920. I would look for short term pull backs as price moves up in to these areas.
  9. J

    Technical analysis and candlestick analysis

    Hi everyone. I am interested in your experience: is it posible to trade without strategies or indicators and only rely on technical analysis and candlestick analysis? I will be grateful for your answers.
  10. Bulletproof Traders

    Bitcoin Cash - Sniping technical correction bottom

    Bitcoin Cash - Sniping technical correction bottom

    Solid ECN | Daily Technical | Video | Major Products

    Hello and Welcome, This is the thread you will receive the market important and technical insights from Solid ECN Securities team. Trade safe! EURUSD 20.12.2021 The Euro/Dollar continued the decline below the 150 moving average on both weekly and daily charts. The Level 61 of the Fibonacci...
  12. moneyliferesearch

    Technical Analysis on Gold- February 26, 2021

    At the end of yesterday's session, the price of Gold fell quite sharply as analyzed by the decline from 1804 to 1764 ($ 40) to close the daily candle with a strong drop around the 1770 threshold. The daily chart is quite strong but the close has yet to break the strong support zone at...
  13. GetKnowTrading

    EURUSD Technical Analysis by GetKnowTrading

    Hi to all of you. I would like to share my analysis on EURUSD pair which I like to trade and to analyse. I hope you will like it. Feel free to check it out and leave a comment. This week price reached $1.16178 level and then make a pullback to $1.16700 – $1.17000 area. The price did just that...
  14. O

    Discuss How do you advice to learn technical analysis rather than fundamental in trading ?

    Is it worthy to spend 10K money to learn technical analysis or Buy any Buy Sell Signal Software
  15. DailyForexAnalysis

    USDJPY Daily Technical Analysis

    USDJPY might start an uptrend soon... 500+ pips up
  16. DailyForexAnalysis

    GBPUSD Daily Technical Analysis

    GBPUSD has strong possibility of uptrend...
  17. DailyForexAnalysis

    USDCHF Daily Technical Analysis

    There is a nice opportunity of uptrend (around 150 pips) in USDCHF already confirm with trend strength
  18. DailyForexAnalysis

    EURUSD Daily Technical Analysis

    EURUSD market is currently a bit ranging, however, for long term analysis, it is strong down trend!
  19. Jason Rogers

    FXCM/DailyFX Signals and Analysis

    Welcome to the FXCM/DailyFX analyst thread! In this thread, I will regularly post analysis and trading signals from the DailyFX Analysts, DailyFX PLUS Trading Signals, and any other news and analysis I may find interesting which applies to forex trading. I may even contribute my own humble...
  20. TheForexGuy

    Daily Forex Price Action Commentary by The Forex Guy

    Hey traders, Much respect to Forex Peace Army crew for becoming an authority in many aspects of the Forex industry. I've started this thread with intention of sharing my views/commentary/analysis of various Forex currency pairs with the traders here. A little bit about me, I've been...