Moving to live trading


I think we have to move from demo to live when we are ready but it's hard to feel this moment because demo and live are different and this difference creates false impression that you are ready.
Very well described. Its difficult to know when one is ready for the live. so the best thing is to start small even on the live account and gradually build your capital.


Hello traders. I have been learning and practising for a relatively long time and I feel confident about my trading so far. I have learned what I need to trade correctly and I am planning to start trading live, however, I'd like to ask you what would you suggest to do to deal with "1st day" emotions. Although I read plenty of articles about emotions, discipline and psychology of trading, it's still interesting to learn how other traders dealt with it. What did you do to reduce the heartbeat after opening your first trade? How your 1st week or 1st month of live trading was psychologically?
Start small and don’t expect massive returns straight away