New member. Introductions


Hello everyone... thanks for accepting me as a new member to the FPA. thought I'd best say hi and introduce myself. I go by the username surepips but my names al. I'm in my 30s, im a scenic artist and painter working in the television and film industry, but im also a long term "part time" trader (its more a hobby/obsession that I enjoy to earn a little passive income from and i like to be forever feeding my thirst for knowledge and trading gives me that chance) i have several years experience under my belt, and alot of hard lessons learnt and endured as Iv progressed through my trading journey to be able to consider myself successfull in my methods today. I mainly trade forex and bitcoin. Although I have been known to trade a little deeper into the crypto markets every now and then when there's a bullrun in the midst. My favourite fx pairs are usdjpy and gbpusd but im forever scanning all the majors for a window of opportunity. Eager to help out where possible and share my experiences, and i look forward to learning more from everyone else here too.
Hope your all having a wonderful day and that your positions are all sat in profit.
You are welcome to the forum. Yes, it is a good place where you can share your trading experience, ideas and learn from others. Look forward to knowing some of your trading experiences, strategies in this forum. Thanks in advance.