100 Trading Days Challenge - Goals: 250 £ to 100 000 £/ Get at least 800k $ in funding with prop firms


This is the first time I will actually attempt to journal my Trading journey, which is long overdue. I understand that my goals seem extremely ambitious, however based on my Price Action knowledge and style of trading, it is very achievable, imo.

I will post a recap of my daily performance after London closes and everyone can follow my journey by checking out myfxbook. I will go over my mental focus, trading discipline etc. when posting daily and maybe add 1 or 2 screenshots with either good or bad trades.

A little bit about my strategy:

- Trading only Intraday, no carry-overs
- Trading only FX pairs/ TP 8- 25 Pips depending on pair and volatility
- Trading Volume 5-20 Trades daily/ R:R 1:1.2
- No Martingale or High Grid Strategies
- Pure Price Action Analysis with thousands of hours of experience
- Risk per Trade mostly 4%/ Max. Draw Down 30%
- After Week 4 I'll be taking partial profits on a daily basis
- Mostly London session/beginning of NY
- I'm taking the trades however 1 other guy is helping me to keep track of everything

As the title states: I'll be trading for 100 Days( Trading days) which will be roughly about 5-6 months. I will turn 250£ into more than 100 000 £ and also get funded and paid out with at least 800k $. You can monitor my trades on myfxbook and I will also post a link to my MQL5 signal service. When successful I might change the way I'll be selling my signal.

Trading starts Monday, 5/6/23.
Will start tomorrow. Here's the myfxbook link:
Sorry about not posting, I've had some bad experiences with a prop firm. So for now I will just start journaling my road to success and post my first trading day upcoming Monday.

I will post every day until Day 100 and show a verified myfxbook link and ICMarkets as my broker, so no manipulation here.

Once I have a few weeks in, I'm sure people would like to know how to benefit themselves. Just get in touch once you've collected enough Data. Full transparency here.