pipssniper.com SCAM 100%


I think he sent me the wrong EA... but he continues to make profit on his account... I see his account on myfxbook. I will share his link below.


And how do you know the exact figure of the scam he made in forex and mql5. And how do you know he blow up his account?

I was having his investor password from his website www.pipssniper.com but I think he changed his investor password so the account is showing invalid. But I can see his trades on myfxbook link I have shared above.

After buying his EA I messaged him so many times saying that the ea what he gave me is not working. Initially he was replying but later on he stopped even to open my messages.

his ACCOUNT not live in myfx he already below his account or scam already 100 of peoples send fake EA
check his address on blockchain 1PBtsjRnkiiwmvBo8mMPXrzz71UjjLAxW4
some new trader still send him money without research anything he totally scammer

here his account below proof


He((Mohamed Elshawadfy) Trading with cent account Manually and selling EA 1000USD to 5000USD and saying it is that robot makes money.I paid 1000usd he sent useless martingale ea.
his telegram id @PipsSniperEA
his website pipssniper.com
his btc wallet 1PBtsjRnkiiwmvBo8mMPXrzz71UjjLAxW4
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i attached the payment I made
Also he sent that useless EA to mail
Now he changed the name and website to ''' | Gold-Secret (gold-secret.com), be careful