is shady and doesn't payout


Lets start off by saying this is an unregulated broker THAT WANTS you to lose your money so you don't complaint. If you end up not losing and profiting then good for you, all they do when you withdrawal is approve the amount UP TO your deposit and send that back to your credit card. And REJECT any profits, with the reason "as a high risk decision." I trade manually, have used the PWR Follow feature but then stopped but have no broken any ToS. Any attempt to find out why im a high risk goes unanswered and im ignored which just more pushes towards this being a scam.

My AM is Tom Harris. Most unreliable person ever. Granted he did want me to call him but I'm a busy guy and offered that we IM instead but that always ending up with me being ignored. Even before that... I know profits need to be send via wire transfer and i asked Tom if he can set that up and he never followed through. All he said was "yes" and i never heard back from him about the subject.


Support said I have to send an email in to get another account manager so i'll just be linking him to this page (kill 2 birds with 1 stone kind of deal) so along side here i'll post how my account manager ignores me.


And don't be fooled if you though support is actually useful... I had to ask twice just to get the email where i should email my complaint to and the last time i requested a withdrawal and it got rejected, i messaged support... Natalia who seems like the only person i ever get connected to and who told me 3 times before that she would ask my account manager why i keep getting rejected actually ended chat with me the moment she got my account number!


With reference to the above image, we're actually getting to my complaint. I should have know it was fishy before that with this:


I was reaching my $350 deposit cap (I withdrew $100 before this) and so what they did was CANCEL my $500 request and instead approve a $250 that they created. Keep in mind EVERYTHING GOES THROUGH THE ACCOUNT MANAGER, THE GUY I CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH.

I made another withdrawal after that payment was cut in half and here is what i got...


You've seen this picture before... but what do you mean high risk? I have no bonuses and have not broken the ToS. The fact you wont reply to me, Tom or live chat can't help me screams you're scamming me of profits.

Right after i placed another request and you guessed it

Again, canceled this morning with no reason. I assume it's the same as the first time though; "high risk")

Just as a timeline, here's are my requests and you can see how they only pay up to my deposit amount.


Final words, unless this gets resolved through support, AVOID THEY ARE A SCAM BROKER WHO RUNS OFF WITH YOU MONEY.

I have sent them emails about this but still have been left unanswered from them even after i asked for a follow up: (LINK: )
Do these people claim to have any regulators?

Invite them to come here and explain why they can't pay you your profits.