Risk %

For me it's 1-2% period .
If uou feel you can go higher so be it but be warned multiple losses will rattle your trading mindset and account !!
agree, 1-3% of the whole deposit is an acceptable risk. One time i lost 7% and it was really huge
Keeping discipline with a risk limit of 1-2% is good for the long term.
A certain trading strategy needs max. risk 50% like martingale and averaging, but it really dangerous.
Like others have said 1% is what I would suggest. There will be other opportunities to trade so don’t over risk yourself
Well, risk/reward ratio is really has to be around 1-5% or if we are talking about particular position then due to some indicators I always use 1:3 ratio. It's the most suitable thing for me. Sometimes I can dilate this ratio to 1:4-5 or maybe increase the risks. Last time I started to 2:6, because I reached the level I needed and these days I can put more funds at risk and don't be worry about this thing.
You are right that traders have to change this ratio and risk percentage in dependence on the news, events or some other economical or political situations in the world. The market is quite sensitive.
The risk percentage you choose should reflect your individual circumstances and align with your overall trading strategy and goals. Implementing effective risk management practices, such as setting stop-loss orders, diversifying your portfolio, and regularly reviewing your trades, can help mitigate potential losses and protect your capital over time.
As you develop your risk management plan, be sure to consider your own risk tolerance and trading goals. You may need to adjust your risk management approach over time as your trading style and experience level evolve.