Rizwan Awan Gets His Third Strike - TrendsFx.com Managed Accounts Scam


Founder/Director Pellucid FX
This guy asked me to trade for him using my existing PAMM account. He had my trading results on his page but he never got any funds into my account. I guess he just wanted my results to look a little more real, then when two of the accounts blew up he contacted mt to let me know that he would moving funds into my managed as the victims wanted more of sure thing... still no funds ever arrived in my account to trade. What of time for me and to top it I actually aided him in that he could show real live PAMM results. An eye opener for me. The first thing I should have realized is that I could have asked my cat to make a better website for him... a crap website with very bad grammar should have been some sort of red flag. I just thought I would let him prove himself to me, I didn't see that he could have been using the other accounts to scam. Now I know. Sorry to anyone who got hit on this.
Copy that Lieutenant!!!,the scamer deserve to that, I bet He now got ten Knifes on his throat.you can't rob people and always get away with it.
His name well NOTED!!!. Rizwan Awan.


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Excellent work by FPA.........one can get to benefit so much to understand what kind of Scammers are lurking around and how they operate. Great work FPA !