Shaun Powell. Forex trader, liar and scoundrel.


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It all started with this thread...

Please read pages 1 and 2 of that thread to be sure to see the whole story.

A brand new forums account was created to report the thread. The person claimed to know Shaun Powell and his associate and that they were respectable persons. He went on to attack the FPA for not checking out all the details before allowing the post to be made.

Later, I did some digging and checked out the details of the person who complained about the post. It turns out that Shaun Powell created another forums account from the same IP address 2 minutes earlier. The account even had a similar forums username. I sent an email to both accounts. I addressed to to Shaun and told him that his deception was going to be revealed.

He replied from the email address that supposedly belonged to his friend and wrote...

yeh thts cool mate put it on your little forum,

il read it from the beach in St.Tropez

Shaun, I am putting it in my little forum. I'm also sending a note out to my little mailing list. Its got less than 60,000 addresses on it right now, so I'm sure you won't mind.

From what he did and what he wrote, it's obvious that Shaun has no issues with telling lies to try to hide bad information about himself. I do wonder how he got the money to pay for his planned trip to the beach? Did it come from successful trading or did he find some other way to get it?

In my opinion, Shaun Powell has done all that's needed to be considered a scoundrel.
untitled.JPG Also they r trying to sell some Paint bar system @ Facebook which is 2000$ can FPA investigate . and stop robbing peoples ... ( Btwn .. how stupid can people be trusting someone over the facebook! .. All indicators available free @over the Internet .. just need to google
Don't they have this saying in the USA:
There is a sucker born every minute

Luckily we get together, stay together and help protect ourselves.

Little member in Mexico.
I am grateful there is an organized forum /website to bring this type of corruption to light! My continued appreciation for all you do, and the members who actively support your efforts! This "recruit" salutes you!
pfffffft..............scratch 60,000 potential scamable customers off the list Shaun............what a turd.