Shaun Powell. Forex trader, liar and scoundrel.

Looks like Shaun just can't give up finding new ways to prove he's a scoundrel.

Some more evidence of their wrongdoings. Stealing the coursework of others and passing it off as their own.
astro forex scam.png
Shaun Lee Powells 'girlfriend' Shenae Remirez...

Just some info on JA Wealths 'Marketing Executive' Shenae Remirez.. First of all, her name is Sinead Mc-something. She's very good friends with Joshante and joined the company after doing the 'course' for free. Fast forward a couple of months and she's now a marketing executive. How can she be taken seriously when she was a school drop out that worked in a hairdressers in croydon up until this year? She uses a fake name for goodness sake! (What else is fake? JA Wealth?) Now all of a sudden, she's 'living the high life', spending students money yet still living in the slums. She talks about trading as if its her forte, but I don't even think she can spell her own name let alone trade.

The big bad wolf, still at it luring the innocent sheep...
I have one single bull**** burster(sorry for the curse word for lack of a better one), it goes like this: if I can make $1,000 a day trading, why charge $1,000 teaching?
Why would someone consider doing that when you could avoid the back and forth with clients and make money like a boss?
Gather evidence. Share it in Scam Alerts. Share it with police and regulators. Keep gathering and keep sharing. Encourage all others who have had problems to do the same.
All they can do at this point in time is to entice and lure new naive traders into the circle. The old batch has been warned and has gotten away from signing with these scoundrels. I'm happy and grateful that FPA has created a strong community to prevent such occasion from recurring in the forthcoming. Thank you, FPA!
Now they are doing pretty good, you guys think they still scam? or have they become good traders?