I don't normally tell much about myself, but here goes:
I have been trading forex for about a year now and I have learned just how little I know about this type of trading. In the early '80s I was a licensed stockbroker, but this is much quicker and the shortness of the trades is amazing. I think the most astonishing thing I discovered was a system I designed in 1982 is now used in Forex and it's called 'Bollinger Bands' I am not saying it's a copy, or anything of the sort. This version has been polished and researched a lot more than my system ever was, and besides, there is no reason two people cannot have the same idea independently
Basically all I did was to find a low priced stock of a company that was going nowhere. I kept a one-year running average, and waited for the stock to move one standard deviation plus or minus. Then I would sell or buy. The present Bollinger band indicator uses, or can use, either one or two standard deviations. My system was 100% by hand with no computer.
I am more than pleased that someone came up with the same concept.
Validation is always pleasing.


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I like your story about the Bands.

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I too am being expelled from a favorite broker by those rascals Dodd and Frank. I think I will go with Alpari (US) but am not totally sure. Who have you found for a broker?

I am a retired cop. I spent 30 years working in Detroit Michigan and retired in 2000. This is my second year playing with forex.