SmartTradeFX - BEWARE


I would highly recommend staying away from SmartTradeFX and choose another Forex broker. This company refused my withdrawal request because they claimed our Managed Account (MAM) took a loan from SmartTradeFX based on a large loss. The reality is SmartTradeFX did not have enough liquidity at the time the MAM account wanted to place a full hedge on the account. SmartTradeFX originally took responsibility for this technical problem and said they would return funds but later decided to call it a loan against our accounts causing us a large loss and the inability to withdrawal funds. I’ve spoken with Catriel Ceballos and Mr. S. Mr. S told me that he has "never" heard of his company offering a loan to a client and agreed with me that something did not sound right. He said he would help me get to the bottom of the error, we conversed a couple of times then he disappeared and has not returned my emails or phone calls. I have not spoken to Uri Tadelis the owner but have left several messages asking to speak with him and he refuses to contact me or the others in our MAM account to resolve our problem. This company cannot be trusted. Stay away from them!
Has anyone else been in this situation with them and actually able to resolve the issue?
Hello BillM

Invite them to this thread to discuss the issues with yourself.

North America: +1 888 613 STFX (7839)
U.K Phone: +44 20 351 42936

Adding your account number in this thread might also help, just in case someone from the brokerage firm spots this thread and investigates your concerns without join the discussion.

Good luck
My account number is 2089104148. Catriel Ceballos, Name removed - see below and Uri Tadelis are all behind this theft. They won't respond to emails or phone calls anymore but I will email them the link anyway. Uri, do you care to discuss how your company is ripping people off?
Just as I thought, no response to this forum or to my email from the scammers at SmartTradeFX!
They say its IFSA regulated. Try contacting their regulatory authority. Also if you have recorded conversation or mail thn it would be gr8 for launching fraudulent case against them
It may be worth popping in to their live chat from a different computer, Pretend to be a potential new client and ask what the IFSA is. Keep asking for details until you know what country and hopefully what website the is supposed to be at.
Hello, I represent SmartTradeFX. Bill, the above accusations are totally false. The loan was requested by the MAM manager and granted in a good faith against the trading losses (no other company would have done this - if anything can be held against SmartTradeFX, it is that we have been too generous and let ourselves to be misled by the gentleman's promises.) However, the MAM manager has managed to lose our funds that were lent to him as well.