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SPAM FOR The Betonmarkets No-Loss Trading System

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by akanze, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. akanze

    akanze Banned Spammer

    Oct 19, 2007
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    Get INSTANT Access To The

    Proven BetOnMarkets Trading System - proven to make me money.

    That will Double Your Money Weekly &

    Give You Guaranteed Profits Every Time, Anytime! - just like all the other guarantees of profit in forex.

    …This system will double your money weekly - you will have all the money in the world in less than 1 year.

    …This system guarantees every trade to be a winner - except when they lose.

    …No single loss! - to me. I'm pocketing all your money


    The Betonmarkets No-Loss Trading System that guarantees ME all the money from people stupid enough to believe these claims.
  2. akanze

    akanze Banned Spammer

    Oct 19, 2007
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    How to Be Achieve Financial Freedom OR POVERTY Through Betonmarkets Trading

    Fixed Odds trading system is easy to use, simple and flexible. BetOnMarkets platform offers nearly instant executions of your orders. [B - "nearly instant" on the hourly time frame.[/B]

    You choose the closing time and date for all bet which can be as little as 10 minutes. 10 minutes? You have got to be kidding. Even the worst bucketshops let you close faster than that. You choose your potential winnings per bet and you never have to risk more than you want to (unless purchasing "Stop Bets" or "Spreads").

    You don't need to monitor the trades or regularly follow the markets; you can let your bets expire on the settlement date without having to determine when to cut a losing position or to take profits. Just make random bets and you might get lucky.

    You can adapt or adjust your positions according to any situation that arises. This means you can do everything from protecting a position from a decline to outright betting on the movement of the stock markets or currency market. You do need to wait 10 minutes after opening the trade and then hope the "near instant" execution doesn't cost you even more.

    When you are on a low budget, nothing can compare to the BetOnMarkets system. You can start your trading account with just $100 and be successful. If you were to trade Forex mini accounts is a disaster waiting to happen. With the same amount of money here you can make a big difference. Or you can go to Las Vegas and bet $100.

    Once you have decided to follow a certain strategy, stick to it. If the strategy is sound and back tested, you will make money. Backtesting proves a system will make money, except when it doesn't.

    1) Don't be greedy - leave greed to spammers like me.

    Set a daily target and be realistic about it. Don't try and regain all your losses in one trade. Such attempts usually fail. If you hit your target profit, take it.

    2) Be patient - if you fail, just add more money to your account.

    Every trader has losses. But if you stick to my guide you will always have 90% winning even though I promised you 100% in my first spam message. I have tested and tested My strategy and it bring me at least winning monthly. If you miss a day trade that suddenly looks like a winner, do NOT panic and try to jump in late. Tomorrow is another day.

    3) Capital preservation is the goal for you. For me, it's making money through spam.

    Capital takes time to accumulate, but it can disappear extremely fast if you are greedy. Don't use more than 10-20% of your capital on one trade. That means one $10-$20 per individual trade if you have $100 account. Most people who quickly lose all their money risk at least 10% per trade.

    4) When you get a Signal do trade it immediately. When you delay, it may not give you the required profit you would have made even though the trade is still going to be a winning trade. Don't think. Just pay me lots of money and follow my system blindly.


    It is used to forecast future price movements based on an examination of past price movements. It does not result in absolute predictions but it can help investors anticipate what is "likely" to happen to prices over time .Those who use technical analysis look for peaks, bottoms, trends, patterns and other factors affecting price movement and then make decisions based on those factors.

    Technical analysis doesn't care one bit about the "value" of a company or a commodity. Technicians are only interested in the price movements in the market.

    Technical analysis really studies supply and demand in a market in an attempt to determine what direction, or trend, will continue in the future. Because all possible information is reflected in the price, only a study of the price movement is required.

    Investors en masse repeat the behavior of the investors that preceded them. The repetitive nature of price movements is attributed to market psychology; in other words, market participants tend to provide a consistent reaction to similar market situations over time.

    The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market, with over $1.5 trillion USD traded daily.

    Until recently, the forex market wasn't for the average trader or individual speculator - this line has been used in forex advertising for over 10 years now. With the large minimum transaction sizes and often-stringent financial requirements, banks, hedge funds, major currency dealers and the occasional high net-worth individual speculator were the principal participants.

    These large traders were able to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the forex market vs. other markets, including fantastic liquidity and the strong trending nature of the world's primary currency exchange rates. In contrast to other money markets around the world the Forex or FX market has no central location as such. Most bucketshops that resort to spam have very little liquidity.

    Because it's a truly global market place in currency, the Forex is not centralized on one exchange. In contrast to stock markets where the main protagonists often come face to face, Forex trading is conducted by buyers and sellers either across an electronic network such as the internet or sometimes over the telephone. Generally, the most commonly traded currencies in Forex market are those of countries with stable governments, reputable banks and low inflation.

    In practice this means that in excess of 80 per cent of transactions each day are in the major currencies, i.e. the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, the Euro, UK Sterling, the Swiss Franc and Canadian and Australian dollars. Do you see these graphs below? You may understand what they mean or you may not have a clue about their purpose. The point is: You could earn extra income by using them. How much? $75 return on $40 of initial investment for example. Isn't that something? Read on...

    It is possible to earn extra money from home, sitting behind your computer. It is possible to do so without multi-level-marketing, without paying your sponsors, without "high-yield" scams... Just pay for my signals and sign up for an account with me. Then I'll make money sitting behind my computer.

    over $1.5 trillion USD traded daily. Yes... that is the amount of money that changes hands every day in this market.

    With forex broker you could open a forex mini trading account with only $300. You would get a nice piece of software and quickly lose your money. The market is so extremely volatile. Believe me, I've experienced it. In forex trading the value of your position varies through time. In BetOnMarkets system, your account balance isn't affected by the changes in the market. It remains constant until the bet you placed expires.

    You can lose your whole mini account on your first trade in forex, but you can lose only $5 at the time at BetOnMarkets. Most normal forex brokers let you place a stop loss to limit risk. That leaves you with plenty of cash and you always have that second chance.

    Earning extra income can become fun for spammers like me. But only if you are disciplined and follow the rules. Only disciplined traders make money. Set your realistic goals and stick to them. Sometimes it happens and you have a bad trading day - STOP. Professional trader will not allow greed like my completely fake claim that you can double your account every week and ego take over him. You don't need to be a millionaire before dinner. You don't need to be broke before lunch either.

    If your trading goes south, take a day of. Your goal is to earn extra money, not loosing it. And use my system. It always wins or wins 90% of the time. This depends on which of my spam messages you read.

    What you know determines how much you earn.
    This system is tested on real forex data and they do bring Guaranteed results
    (It is a No-Loss System BOM Trading System)

    Win every trade and own the world in less than 1 year. If not, I guarantee to spam you with another fake offer.

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