Taking advantage of FPA advice given.

Eric Alyea

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I tried to find something that Cyclon wrote to use as reference.
Then I thought of some to the things Pharaoh wrote. It occurred that clicking on the”Find all posts by x...” under their name and going through the past things they wrote. That would make learning what I missed if I wasn’t checking that thread or a member at the time a benefit.
One of the things you learn in (Military) boot camp is knowing your chain of command from the top down.
I started going down the member list by rank, General to Private (more on that later),seeing who was there and thier post
As a new (FPA) “Private” I’m still learning educate myself. How to use reports and be responsible for making up my own mind on what action to take and accept the fate of that decision.

Eric Alyea

Master Sergeant
Missing the point

I didn’t think that post went through.
I was editing it and it glitched off, oops.
Your missing the point. What I was attempting to say was pick the person that you like the advise from, click on the”Find all posts by x...” under their name and scan for good advice.
I tend to be over thorough and took it on as a informational project and I learned alot.
Thanks for calling me on that.


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Hahaha, do it now elah024, but honestly, me myself don't get the point of eric at first, hahaha. http://static.iminent.com/toolbar/contents/images/emoticons/Messages/Classic%20Smiley%20II/1.yes.gif
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Eric Alyea

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Learn from those above you

Chain of Command

Ok, The Guided tour of learning from those that KNOW MORE than you using the “Members List” of FPA (Forex Peace Army).
The second green tool bar down, the “Member List” just right of “FAQ”.
Let’s take a trip click on it (Member List not FAQ).
This overview only takes a few minutes but the things you see that you may (or should) want to go back to, is your own reading time/learning experience.

Just above the full 26 alphabet, are ranks, Recruit on the left, General on the right, Click on “General”
I’ll spare you the tour of the profile. Look under “Find Posts”, you can see there are only 14, click on the check mark with the “find”.
As any head of state and organizations, public appearances should be limited to greetings and approvals.
Lets move on.
Where things get done is the enlisted ranks. Now go back to the “Member List” and click on “Master Sergeant” you get:
Master Sergeant
Hmmm 1,578 posts (as of 11-27-09). Let’s go the long route on this one. Click on “Pharaoh” to bring up his profile:

Welcome to the “View Profile: Pharaoh” window.
1st look at the: Join Date: 10-03-2007
Look down under “Forum Info” you will see Posts.
This IS:


Maybe you can have your questions answered by a post that was made before you joined here.
Think of the concept. The question was asked before you, and will be asked after you:
ad infinitum
Click on: the 2nd line to see what the man is about:

"Find all threads started by Pharaoh"

Scan through the post he started, see what was important to him to "Start" a thread.

Then to make it interesting. Look at all the crap he has to look at and make things work around here.

"Find all posts by Pharaoh"

now silly me I went through EVERYONE above Corporal.
Worth your “Salt” was th phrase of the elder times.
I will leave it up to you to figure that out.
This is a “Readers/Research” money industry!


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