reply: "ForexChap" England, UK Re post: 6/19/20. First I carefully read your post through a few times.It looks like you had a bad experience with us & I am sorry it wasn't a good one. However, I do know from 10 yrs experience of running a trade room & dealing with traders that not everyone has the same level of commitments to learning of us and/or of actually being in the live trade room for 8-10 hours a day of my session (NY) or Alex's session (Euro). So, without knowing your name, reviewing our skype conversations together & without checking to see how active you were in the group. There is not a ton I can go on other than to make some assumptions. I am assuming that you MIGHT NOT have gone through the 52 video course multiple times until you could teach it to a child with NO notes in front of you (as I ask of everyone). And it might be that perhaps you were not around in the live room all the time. I don't know. So, HOW committed you were & How much you learned I really cannot say. So I just want to go over your post point by point.

Paragraph 1 you state: " But I’d like him wake up from reality. His system of dollar cost averaging, going against the trend, no stop loss or washing/hedging concept maybe working for him but I tell you, it did not work for me and most likely it will not work for many people including you. I lost a lot of time and most importantly money."

I'm QUITE awake & 100% in touch with reality & I do NOT have a system of dollar cost averaging or going against the trend. I personally don't use stops as you know, but I have FOREVER "preached" to people for 10 years: "If you want a stop select one." Even on the videos I show people HOW to select a stop & talk about it being candlestick, $ amount, or pip based. So I am NOT against folks using stops. Nor do I dollar cost average. For your benefit & others I would like to remind you that I seek to buy wicked dips, or to sell short wicked pops at price points that make sense & then mix with some patience. This can be resistance or support areas & are OFTEN coupled with major MA's & fibs etc... IN ADDITION we "slice" our size up into 10 tiny portions. So, as an example a $5K account might trade a .10 of a particular currency...WE teach to slice it up into 10 bullets of .01 each. So if one was looking to get into a particular currency pair it would be small, selective. 50-70% of the time we engage we get just 1-3 slices at most & the trade is moving in our direction & we are scaling out. 10-20% of the time I personally end up expending 4-7 of my bullets & the trade idea takes longer but eventually works out. I OPENLY admit that 10-20 % of the time I am having to move to 8,9,10 bullets in a pair & the trade does not go well. HOW wrong am I & how long does it take to get out of the 10-20% "bad trades"? Sometimes a few days & sadly there are times its a few weeks. I OPENLY admit that some times I am swamped in a bad trade & it takes a LOT of work to get out. A few times a year this happens. But can ANYONE be a "trading God" & be right 100% of the time & not have 10-20% of losing or difficult trades? No. But at least I teach how to work out of the bad ones. It IS work, it takes time & energy & I OPENLY ADMIT that 50% of the folks I ever taught this to say: no way not interested, just want to stop out. 50% of the folks I teach it to say this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I am guessing you are in the camp that hates it. Fine, Use a stop.

Anyway I do not like going "against the trend" as you say. As ANYONE knows you can have a monthly/weekly uptrend for YEARS on a pair & be receiving a daily downdraft to major MA's, fibs & support. If I start BUYING tiny slices after a 7 day fall & we are at .786 fib & I get it TEMPORARILY WRONG & day 8,9 it keeps falling to .886 fib & MORE support then obviously I am scaling in LONG & waiting for the reversal. But I do "preach" trade small & diversify.

Now I am guessing perhaps you came in at or near a "Black swan" Event? Like the EURAUD & EURNZD moving up thousands of pips? YES we shorted & YES for days I had to add & add. At one point I was FULLY loaded. 10 bullets expended on each. I admit it took one heluva long time to hit our multi thousands of pips DOWN tgt. But it happened & we worked those trades every day for over 50 days south & made a PILE. JUST AS we worked the AUDJPY & the AUDUSD, NZDUSD & NZDJPY, UP. WHY were we buying every dip? Go look at the monthly charts & go look at the daily now. How do you feel about stopping out when they are up so freaking huge now? And all the USDMXN we bought at the lows for DAYS on end before the 50,0000 pips surge. I mean geesh. IDK what to say here. the USDCAD we shorted, had to wait MOTHS working it short before the 1,200 pips tgt came. Some folks have patience others don't so I am going to move on.

Still in paragraph 1 you go on a rant about not showing my open DD. This is not true. I do it LIVE ON SCREEN almost every day. I bring the score keeper EA in & show everyone how much made, how much DD & all open positions. But again not sure if you were in the live room during the times I do that. END of session 12 noon EST. Or perhaps you miss the screenshots I take & post MULTIPLE times a week to show?

Re DD. If I yank 10K to $25K in my larger account or yank $3,000 to $4,500 in my baby account & am sitting on some gains. I don't mind all that much having 10% DD When overall I am very profitable. DD FLUCTUATES so it can be just 5-6 % one day & maybe 11 % another day & always moving always changing but our goal DAILY is always the same: Do all that we can to make the green MORE green & the red part LESS red. I show that live on screen 8-10 hours a day. Anyway I do not have anywhere near the DD you even remotely suggest in your post.

Still in paragraph one of your post you talk about the myfx book. I made a post on my twitter regarding it. I PERSONALLY view my fx book as something that young or baby traders do/start with. Perhaps even for 5 years one might do this. I did it myself ONCE for one year until it just magically broke in my mt4 & stopped updating. It is THE TRUTH I am not very technical & I wasted over 8 hours pulling my hair out TRYING to set it up. Then, when I could no longer bear the agony I did reach out to someone & through live screen sharing they helped me set it up. It was SO many years ago I cannot remember what the issues were but even they struggled greatly and could not understand why it was not working. We wasted about 2 hours together and got it to work and it worked for about a year. When it broke I gave up. I have not used myfx book in far greater than 7 years and I personally do not see the need. But for all that like that sorta thing I guess its great for some that want to analyze the living chit out of their trades. Its just not for me.

Lastly in paragraph one at the end you talk about some trade competition thing I joined in 2017 3 years ago the "world cup" Yeah. lol it was FOREX.COM and it was USA based rules and I tried it and quite honestly I did not do good trading USA demo and gave up on it after just a few weeks and said heck with this. Why? I had my $25K Corporate account that I worked up to 60k in 9 months and that was real and that was WAY more important to me. So I did not bother to try and beat some championship thingy under USA rules. I just gave up. It was not worth it to me.

Paragraph two You state: "All the great traders keep saying cut your losses cut your losses, manage your risk etc but this is the complete opposite of what he is teaching." Not true at all. Though I do NOT "preach": "Cut your losses, cut your losses"" in this regards you are 100% correct. WHY do I not say cut cut cut your losses? Because I am TO BUSY "preaching" DEATH by 1,000 paper cuts. That is why. I personally believe if we all look at a trade, take it. Go in. Set a stop... chances are we are going to get it. Good and hard. And very, very often right after a stop it turns and goes in ones intended direction. I personally do not want to spend my life trying to "Guess" a bottom or a top or a turning point and then setting some 20 pips stop, getting whacked and then watching it go. How many times would I like to DO this? 1,000 times and bleed to death? No thanks its not for me. But all that love stops can take them and stop out 50 % of their trades.

Paragraph 3 you state: "In my opinion, his strategies are very dangerous and should not be even taught. It is mentally draining, torturous and time consuming as you will have endless negative open trades all the time." Wow. again sorry for your opinion AND your experience. I Think personally my strategy of BUYING DIPS at price points that make sense at support and or at major areas that look really great like major MA's Major fibs and slicing it up SO SMALL that not even one trade could ever hurt us. (what I "preach" daily) is really great. I personally LOVE to Diversify my trades and I further love NOT jumping into heavily correlated pairs. Like If I am long EJ I do NOT need to be long CHFJPY cause its the same damn trade. And if I am long the AJ I really ave no need to be long NJ too. I don't find this mentally draining nor time consuming at all. And 100 folks in my trade room and myself also seem to have very peaceful relaxing days. Albeit MOST of the time its slow and boring. But that is forex for ya. Slow, boring. Agonizing TORTUROUS Hours of just watching charts bored out of our skulls as we WAIT for stuff to line up and hit price targets we want to buy or sell at. Is our torture OVER then? Oh no... our torture has only begun. Cause then we have to wait for what often feels like eternity to have our trades move in our direction HIT tgts. STALL and then we get out. But. Patience is a virtue and I think 90% of traders have a total complete lack of patience and just find out they cannot handle it. They try it for a few months, give up and quit. Forex. Its NOT for everyone. That's a fact.

Paragraph 4 you suggest if this works for me I should just keep this all to myself and not teach anyone. well That's just great. Even in paragraph 5 you go on talking about the free stuff on the internet. Free trade rooms etc. Well. SOMETIMES in life things are worth what you pay for them. I will let others read your paragraph 4,5 and then read my answer. Does anyone NEED a Live trade room or a trading mentor? NO. No one "needs" me. They CAN go out and learn on their own. 100% TRUE. I totally agree. I did. I had to learn and it took me 4 years in forex and then 10 more and now, after 20 years of trading I do TRULY feel like a 10th degree grand master trader.. I 100% believe anyone can do this. But it will require years of reading books over and over again. 10 hours a day of chart trading on 8 monitors for countless years on end. ONE day each person does arrive at a self actualized trader status. That is one way to go. But... I am trying my best to HELP and to cut the learning curve. Many folks do not want to jump into a free online forum where everyone is just guessing and no one really knows anything. MANY folks see the value in paying a guy that actually has the HEART, Knowledge, know how and massive quantities of experience, to teach them, hold their hands and walk them through the way they should go. Did I charge anyone one $50,000 to learn like ONE company I will not name? And did I teach PURE CHIT like they taught? Hell no. You know how many people came in my room and said OMG I learned more from you in one week then those idiots taught me in 1 year? Dozens.

Later down in your post you state: "I was in his previous trade room in 2016 and his new trade room. He boasted in his previous trade room that he could turned $1k dollars to $1million dollars in 3 years. I was fooled to believe this and I even told all my friends and relatives to join his trade room but they did not believe me. They were right and I was stupidly wrong to believe this. I was embarrassed to all the people that I’ve told before as it did not actually happen. He was even very selective at that time and had everyone interviewed before we can join and even asked us to sign an agreement not to disclose or sell his teachings. All of these are really nonsense.

In the end he gave up and he came out with many excuses due to GBP flash crash, and $1K should not be the starting balance as he cannot “wash” it should be $5K blah blah blah."

Gosh where to start.

YES I started and selectively interviewed folks. I rejected 44 various folks from trading with me for various reasons after LONG interviews on skype. I was looking for PASSION to trade NOT just "I want to get rich!" At that time I did NOT want some buy here pay here button on my website. After 100 very tiring long interviews over a year or two and reconsidering: "who the hell am I to reject or accept these people and pass judgement upon them" I let up on that. I do not do the interviews any more. But often wish I did because I DO still to this day have some really nutty gambler mentality folks join me and gosh I wish that was NOT SO!

Next. YES I started an account with $1K USD in it and wow what a mistake. In one month and a few days we made JUST OVER 12,000 pips and hit 122 % (?) and YES I overloaded in the GBP crosses bye to many pairs and YES on a Thursday evening at 7 pm under NO NEWS there was indeed a flash crash of the GBP by 1,0000 pips and NO .... this is not an excuse this is a 100% fact I BLEW UP. Poof. GONE. 1K to over 2K and to much damn size on and GONE in 5 min just like that. So.... MANY will say how horrible! What a bad trader and what bad money management etc... and so on. I OPENLY admit to being stacked into to much size for a 1K account that had turned into 2K .20 longs on GBP AND .22 shorts on EURGBP is FOUR TIMES OVER SIZED! AND in closely correlated pairs. If I had not done this? The account would have survived. Anyway that was 4 years ago and I have since learned that lesson and amended my trading ways to being 4 times UNDERSIZED. And now I also am not stacked into correlated pairs. So with this strategy adjustment I can even survive some random 1,000 pip black swan event. I preach and recommend trade CRAZY small to everyone on earth now like a broken damn record. Re your: "blah blah blah statement" Your just wrong. Trading forex with $1,000 in an account is just stupid. It MUST in my very humble but very much wiser and educated opinion ... after TWENTY YEARS of trading experience... it MUST be $3k absolute bare minimum and $5K is a TON better. Why ? Because the reality is you CANNOT wash a micro lot in half unless your trading with OANDA I OPENLY ADMIT that about 90 % of our trades we will not have a ton of issues with but ... oh boy! there is this 10% of trades I get in and well.... I gotta work them for 3,5,10 days perhaps. And the ability to WASH a trade is IMHO the greatest thing ever. Most don't have a clue how to do this or what I am even talking about. Sorry for that.

Yes originally i did ask folks to sign an agreement. It took me countless years of blood sweat and toil to learn what I know and dishing that out to ANYONE does come with great risk. I have had in the past 5 hedge funds in my trade room stealing the knowledge. 3 various folks came in LEARNED all they could and then went off and started courses, and trader education services. ONE even stole my entire system and wrote a book, claiming it as his own. So. By me spitting out my knowledge I DO risk others becoming competitors. Steal, grab and go on to sell to others. It slightly sucks to be honest with ya.

your NEXT paragraph reads: "Do you really think that even if he started at $5K in 2016 he would have made it to $1 million by now it’s already 2020? I would be interested to see if he even made $1 million trading forex for the past 3 years no matter what starting balance he started."

I did NOT start with $5K in 2016. took two years OFF of trading when my mom died of cancer as I openly said on twitter and in my trade room 100 times. I bought and sold houses for 2 years and did some remodeling on them all and eventually woke up and said I did not want to do it anymore.

So we have the $1K account I talked about above. THEN we have the $25K USD to $60K USD corporate account with Pepperstone until my Belizian Bank went insolvent and tried to screw me over. and YES I yanked that account. THEN... we have the 8 months with IC markets and then they jerked me around with emails for 9 WEEKS NOT letting me withdraw my gains. Till I was SO mad that I yanked the whole darn account.

So where am I NOW? ONE account that went from 10-28K in about a year and a half trading SO FREAKING SMALL I am the laughing stock of the forex market. .03 per bullet.

Answering you is exhausting. But lets go on. 8-9 weeks ago? I did a small account and yes I posted on twitter daily screenshots. It went up 150% in REALIZED gains. Its not a lie, its not a joke.... I TRULY was hacked by a hacker. and it was hopefully the one and only time this will ever happen in my life. They got a hold of my twtr account, my bank accounts, my passwords on Chrome and My computer went INSANE and I battled this battle for 4 days about ten hours a day even SPENDING money to buy premium editions of antivirus, malwarebytes, driver updaters, and VPN all to NO avail. So yeah. I freaked out.

I OPENLY admit to using a twtr deleter to yank 10,0000 posts in one hour cause I did NOT want some psycho having pics of my kids and family.... I reset EVERY password I had. I yanked my mt4 account and closed it. I opened new. I immediately changed passwords so no one could get in. I took every precaution I could possibly think of and more and Then in the end I STILL took my computer to get the hard drive wiped and checked out like mad and new router and ENCRYPTED it and well chit the list just goes on and on.. I think I did the right thing.

So now.... I am at a BABY $3032 second "starter" account and TODAY 10 days later its at 44.38% with 13,775 booked pips. NO I do not have my fx book to prove anything and NO I do not use photoshop and all the screenshots on twitter of MY account and my OTHER roomies accounts are 100% real and unaltered.

You say: "I’ve seen how he trades and his massive negative open trades. His strategy is basically, wait and hope that price will come back." Totally incorrect that is not what I do at all. 70-80% of our trades need little to no work and I am BOOKING THEM all day long reaching often 1,000 pips in a DAY> 10-20% need work and I work on them and fix them in the room. LIVE and ON SCREEN every single wash explained openly and 100% transparency.

Lastly you state all of this:

Did you also notice and feel?

1.) How teases people who are “only” making 20% per year then seemingly desperately encouraging people to join his trade room?

2.) How he becomes quiet not showing his daily score when he is trapped with large drawdowns?

3.) When you are in his trade room, and you are quiet and silent type, you will hear something from him?

4.) When you are in his trade room, you are basically paying subscription and at the same time you are entertaining him by chatting and listening to him including his preaching?

5.) Since he loves trading long hours, he needs a company for the those long hours and that is you?

1 I DO OPENLY confess to SLAMMING people on Twtr and or anywhere else that make 20% a year trading. IMHO that is trader-light" who trades off of a cell phone or a single laptop screen and might commit 5-20 M a day to "Trading" that is not a trader IMHO not by one million miles that person is playing games. I do NOT desperately encourage people to join my trade room. In fact I get DM's EMAILS and skypes and people ask me stuff and VERY often I DISCOURAGE them from joining and tell them they would be better not to. I do not care if folks join or not. Joining me simply represents WORK to me. Cause then I have to teach someone 200 hours a month. But if someone DOES join me? I give them my 100% all and I TRULY care for each persons success.

2 Not so I show it almost every day and not shy about it at all.

3 NOT sure what you mean by that. I got a LOT of quiet and silent types. So much so that 50% of EVERYONE that EVER joins my trade room asks not one single question in 30 days and never talks to me, lets me know they are alive and how they are doing. Sad. IMHO but everyone is entitled to be that way if they want to.

4 When folks join my trade room they are in NO WAY "entertaining" me. And I DO have to talk I mean I cannot teach without talking and it quite honestly takes a helluva lot of energy out of me to have to teach for 1.5 hours every day and explain everything during our top downs and then to chat about every trade going on for the next 5 hours or so is kinda exhausting. Try it. Go start a trade room... Teach for 5 hours a day LIVE and 4 hours a day in the chat room. Do it for 10 years. Let me know how you feel about it then. Am I to be a ROBOT? and talk ONLY forex 100% of the time & never a single personal thing & let zero personality at all shine through?

5 I don't LOVE trading long hours. But I know that ANY business owner that treats their business lax is making a bad mistake. Most business owners will work 60,70, 80 hours a week without even batting an eyelash. I ONLY work 40-50 hours a week MAX. Just like any employee at a job. Its NOT fun sitting in front of charts all day long bored to tears and watching paint dry and listening to the news 80% of the time nothing really happening or moving well but I HAVE to do that in order to be there for breaking news or when the market takes off. If I am not seated doing my job I will MISS moves as so many people do all day long. They are not watching and so they MISS. very very simple. And I do not "need" anyone to be with me, but it is somewhat nice and I think MOST people in my trade room feel the same way. Trading is a boring business and it is kinda nice to hae others to talk to about trades and ask for help at times and our trade room is quite honestly the happiest friendlies place I know of. As I have been in over a dozen others in my life on the paying end.... and they were HORRIBLE. SO I left those in a week or a month upon discovery.

Now to YOU .... Dear reader... if you have made it THIS far Congrats! And... I also apologize as well for the LENGTH of this. But "forexchap" felt strongly enough to write the post, so I felt strongly enough to offer up some small modicum of defense on my behalf. And if you think it was bad reading it? Just imagine me writing it. I now have Carpel Tunnel syndrome. lol.

IF you would like to see just how good or how bad we really are you could always join for a month and "try us out" But.... Should you actually decide to join for a month let me say this: DO NOT BE SOME SLACKER! You GET what you put in. If you will not watch the 52 videos over 4, 5, 6 times until you can teach a child from MEMORY with NO NOTES in front of you ... IF you will not be in the live room 40-50 hours a week & grill me asking questions but instead you want to be half hearted about it? Don't bother. Why waste your time or mine? But if you can seriously commit for at least 30 days? Well then in thirty days you will know whether what THIS man says is true... or what I say is true. Be your own judge. I'm the most open, honest & 100% Transparent guru ever 100% live on screen all the time.

Now to you Forex chap. I really am sorry about your experience & the time/money you blew. Might I suggest then to take EVERYTHING that I taught & just 100% throw it out the window. Do exactly the opposite. Sell short bottoms... pray for further falls. Buy tops, pray for further pops & disregard ALL the teachings you got out of me for your 3 months. Then get back to me & let me know how you did. Eh. All joking aside I TRULY wish you the very best. I hope you find a system & a way that you really like. One that fits you well & I hope you go on to really good forex success.

For anyone in doubt & curious for more info: Here its my youtube channel I am NOT trying to sell you. I am GIVING YOU something for free. Go watch all the videos and hopefully you can glean SOMETHING good from them. or you can read all or a few of those & see if anything in there helps you or makes any sense. occasional nuggets of trading wisdom. And yeah I am sorry I deleted YEARS of tweets but. I already explained why above. So there is that.

May God bless you with ALL wisdom & skill in your trading & the trading of YOUR trading plan that you have put together.