Trade Rush Scam

Agent Orange

I have deposited funds with this Binary Options Company, (Trade Rush) and have traded the account many times myself. Initially I opened the account, after buying into Binary Turbos Robot trading, which offers a 70% win ratio. After 9 trades with Binary Turbo with 0 wins I stopped using Binary turbo and requested (and received) a refund. At this time I advised Trade Rush that Binary Turbo no longer has access to my account, and changed my password. Two weeks later unauthorized trades started to occur in my account. The trades were always $20 and almost always lost. I continually emailed and notified Trade Rush of these illegal and unauthorized trades, but they were no help in preventing them occurring. A representative of Trade Rush did ring me offering me a deal whereby if I deposit another $1,000 into my account they would match it with a $1,000 bonus - I advised him that this wasn't going to happen as they couldn't look after my first deposit I have no confidence in them preventing the money from disappearing again. All I have requested from Trade Rush was to refund my money ($440) that was unauthorized and illegally traded. To date Trade Rush has refused. Personally I think that since the trade Rush Account Mangers only make money from you when you trade, that it’s an inside job. They were quick to point the blame at Binary Turbo. But I changed my password and account name (email address) which Binary Turbo didn't know and these trades continued. My conclusion is that Trade Rush was systematically milking my account. I have contacted Trade Rush on numerous occasions and requested a refund.
Immediately get in touch with your credit card issuing bank. Do not delay - there are deadlines and if you miss one, there are NO extensions.
Ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. Once you are sure the person you are speaking to is in the fraud department, explain the whole situation very carefully. Ask if it is possible to make a charge back for the amount of money you are owed.

After you've done that, go ahead and file a report with - Your site for cross-border complaints.
Hi Sergeant Major,

Can I please ask your opinion.

I also have on going issue with trade rush, mine is regarding bonus that I never sign for, however is in my account.
when I double check with my account manager he said it was the refund not bonus. However when I try to withdraw my account , the accounting department told me that it's not possible as I have bonus in my account therefore I need to meet the trading requirement before I can withdraw. I think it's stupid as their trading requirement for refund is 20*bonus or in my case will be $400*20=$8000. with account balance $2000 its very difficult to meet. And I just want to withdraw all my money and stop trading.

I try to contact them and my account manager to help me but has got no response .

Do you think it's possible to just contact my creditcard for chargeback and to report them to - Your site for cross-border complaints.

Thank you for your time .
Traderush is the worst SCAM BROKER in the world. I had a very bad experience with traderush. I deposited USD 250, managed to grow that account to over USD 2100 within a month and half. They suddenly removed the profits i earned as bonus and they closed my account all in a sudden. You can read about my experience in this scam alert folder here

I have also started a FPA case against traderush here