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(Resolved) TrueSTP / Euronis


Beware, these guys have stopped responding to people, decided to shut their managed accounts broker TrueSTP by 31st July, but all MyFxbook updates stopped last Friday. No replies to customer contacts, or return of funds. Offers to move customers from TrueSTP to FXOpen for their PAMM have been ignored. TrueSTP looked to have 40K+ $ over its set of managed accounts.

Their PAMM accounts on FXOPen carry on updating, guessing they probably driven by an unmanned VPS.

UPDATE: Their team were tied up with holiday period, and closing down the Brokerage. Funds were transferred as requested in full without issues. I still rate Euronis as an EA and have made money with it on and off over the last few years.
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Done - awaiting response.

Had a response from both FXOpen / and the TrueSTP / Euronis team. Awaiting transfer to complete, then I'll close this is as resolved. Perhaps not the best move to go all dead on an old JadeFX user :(