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A large number of people are having issues with accounts at UBFX. Some are because UBFX placed money with CrownForex. Some are independent of the Crown Forex Problem.

If you placed money with UBFX and are having trouble getting it out, please sign in here and answer these questions:

If you have had difficulties withdrawing money from Crown Forex, please post in this thread and answer these questions.

1. What date did you first try to withdraw money?

2. Have you already filed a Scam Ticket?

3. If you haven't filed a ticket, would you like to be contacted by an FPA investigator about this issue.

4. Would you like your email address to be shared with the other people who agree to share contact info? Just say yes or no. If you say yes, then the email address on file in your forum registration will be emailed added to a group that is looking at options to recover funds from UBFX.

Important note: If your money in UBFX was placed into an account with Crown Forex, make sure to also go to CROWN FOREX SA (.INFO not .COM) and follow the instructions there.
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Dog Gone

Gerald Durand, Trevor Cook, Pat Kiley, Chris Pettengill

These individuals are entangled in the dozen business entities currently being sued by the Ohio plaintiffs represented by Jack Harper. These individuals have made a practice of using radio programs to present their investment schemes, schemes which certainly appear to be what would commonly be identified as 'affinity' scams.

Pettengill and Durand, identifying themselves as variously: 'Wealth Survival'; 'Swiss FX Investments, LLC'; 'Swiss Bank Management'; and 'Swiss Advisors', and possibly other entities are in apparent cooperation with David Strom to use his program on 1280 AM WWTC 'The Patriot' to enlist people to attend seminars where they present 'investment opportunities'.

Pettengill is operating out of the offices of the Kaplan Insurance agency; there is no apparent signage for any of his 'swiss' financial entities at 3555 Plymouth Road, Suite 118, Mpls. MN. I have tracked down a variety of phone numbers for Pettengill; I find it ....distinctly ODD that he has an unpublished business phone. The Wealth Survival entity is listed with the MN secretary of state at a Lakeville address; Durand is or was living in Lakeville. I haven't tracked down phone numbers for him, but...I am good at digging. It's a matter of time, probably. In any case, I find the pattern of multiple entities with similar names a red flag, as it so closely parallels the dozen or so entities from the Oxford group and others which followed that same confusing pattern of multiple businesses with nearly identical names.

I understand from Tom Annis that Dan Browning, the financial investigative reporter from the Star Tribune recommended the forex peace army. What I would love to see from the participants is for Mr. Pettengill to be put on the hot seat while promoting his financial advice on Mr. Strom's radio show, using it as a sort of 'infomercial' to attract new investors. The program airs on 1280 AM, WWTC 'The Patriot', and can be accessed online as well as by broadcast. The phone number is 651 298 4488. I hope that forex peace army participants will give them a call, and ask them about their past experience, the name(s) of their current businesses, why they don't have telephone listings for them, and what they are doing to help the individuals who are out of pocket get their money back.

Beyond that I would like to organize complaints to the radio station, to the FCC, and to the advertisers who make this radio show possible. Mr. Annis informed me this evening that it was through his local radio station that he was lured into this apparent affinity scheme; it all seems part of the pattern.

I believe that Mr. Annis and his associates have been far too trusting, including being a bit naive in their expectations of the performance they should anticipate from the various regulatory and investigatory agencies. I have suggested they contact their own respective state AGs, and have those AGs in turn contact the MN AG's fraud division on their behalf.

This has run long enough; I will be posting the information I turned up about these individuals and their various licenses, registrations, certifications, etc.

Pharaoh? I understand you have been doing some digging into this as well? Would you, or anyone else who has information or is willing to offer assistance, please contact me - Dog Gone - at Penigma2@yahoo.com

Thanks all - and a very late good night!


Intel to share with FPA Community

Since my initial postings on FPA concerning UBFX/Kiley scam, my learning curve has approximated a Diesel high rise Torque curve. The CFTC has assigned two Trial Lawyers, the SEC has a single point of contact. All are responsive to taking complaint filings and there is an open and active investigation.This addresses civil action, but not criminal action. The Justice Dept will have to enter the picture to include the FBI, Postal Inspectors, and various state Attorneys General. An attorney also represents a group of investors in civil action. Botton line, getting them tried and convicted may prove easier than recovering the money. I'm sure this sounds obvious to some!

Publicity about this scandal has been nihl, except for the good work by Dan Browning of the Minninapolis Star Tribune. I have urged my fellow victims to start the process of contacting their respective Congressional Reps. I have seen miracles performed through Congressional inquiry! I contact U S REP Cliff Stearns. He was responsive and promised to pursue inquirey.

An unexpected boost came from a poster on FPA, "Dog Gone" (see thread) and someone I shall refer to as Mr. B. "Dog Gone" and Mr. B not only contacted me by e-mail , but by phone as well. In case the fraudsters are monitoring this forum, I will couch my remarks by saying that they both provided "out of the box" ideas and straight talk about how to strike back at these miscreants.
We need financial expertise and assistance with contacts in Financial and Legal disiplines. Most of the victims are not wealthy, nor speculators, but older citizens seeking some sort of financial refuge from the caos of the markets.

Many individuals have used this site as a means to find myself or Mr. Reske and seek assistance. I'm certain there are perhaps hundreds more looking for help , but don't where to turn. If FPA members would be willing to share us as a contact point it would reach a wider audience.

Now that I've received my Baptisim by Fire, I have a much clearly definely understanding of investing in general and how not to be victimized again. This I want to share with others and to actively assist individuals like "Dog Gone" in exposing not only the fraudsters but their support network, such as niche market radio programs, radio personalities, and those that identify with certain classes of people, preying on their trust to cheat them out of their wealth.

Opinions and comments are welcome, as always. You can call me stupid or niave....I have broad shoulders.

May still be contacted at tannis1@comcast.net
Cell Ph 904 304-4415


Of course they monitor this forum. Why else would Marc Trimble have tried to erase all his posts supporting Crown Forex and UBFX.

I wonder if Marc Trimble's offer to buy Crown Forex accounts for 90% of the equity in the account is still on the table. It's in the forums. I wonder if anyone with a UBFX account involved in the Crown mess could sue him to enforce the terms of the offer he freely and publicly made here.

I've been doing some digging. So far, I haven't hit anything really good that's not in the newspapers, but I'm not done yet. Some information requires turning the internet upside down and shaking very hard.