USI Tech/ Duane Noble/ SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have email addresses, we do not have Skype, Duane AKA Byron blocked me on his messenger as soon as I requested my Bitcoin back.

We have completed the following steps:
1) invited them to join this thread via email

Rimma Shiptsova <>
7:19 PM (19 minutes ago)

to USI, JDAVID, President, Joanna, byronsneeringer, bsneeringer1, bsneeringer

To: Jonathan D Herpy, Duane Noble AKA Byron D Sneeringer, Horst Jicha

This is an invitation to join the following thread with forex peace army:

Once you join please send us your Skype addresses

Rimma Shiptsova, PhD
Joanna Cid

2) inquired about their Skype addresses in the body of the email we sent
3) submitted a review to the link you provided

We thank you so much for helping us with this difficult issue. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

And here are all the responses we got after a week. What would be the next step?


  • Gmail Duane- Join FOREX PEACE ARMY thread.pdf
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I did the following steps that you recommended:
1) I invited them via emails to join this thread.
2) I inquired about their Skype addresses and I also invited them via SKYPE as well to join this thread.
3) I submitted a review to the link you provided.

I really appreciate very much all that you have been doing for me.
Any response so far?
HI there

Does anyone know of way to take them to small claims court or sue them from Hawaii as we don't have a legit address for them? Or ANY other idea to get my money back I would appreciate!! Thank you!!