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Worldwatch for July 2012

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by f-man, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Algeria Fallout from the recent general election continues.
    Angola The incumbent party looks set to win the forthcoming elections.
    Botswana Global economic uncertainty impairs growth in the mining sector.
    Cameroon The political environment becomes more volatile.
    Congo, D.R. The political situation remains fragile as violence escalates in the country's east.
    Cote d’Ivoire Favourable weather strengthens the likelihood of a good cocoa harvest.
    Ethiopia Economic growth remains brisk but rapid inflation continues to generate risk.
    Gabon A major cabinet reshuffle bodes well for the diversification of the economy.
    Ghana The government seems to be committed to reducing the fiscal deficit.
    Kenya The risk profile remains negative amid rising uncertainty over the forthcoming general election.
    Libya Political uncertainty and poor internal security overshadow the risk outlook.
    Malawi Risk declines following the peaceful transfer of power to a reformist president.
    Mauritius The monetary authorities take protective measures against increased external risks.
    Morocco Fuel price rises ease pressure on the budget.
    Mozambique Government programs are threatened by reduced fiscal resources.
    Namibia The prospects for economic growth improve again.
    Nigeria Insecurity, protests and higher fuel costs negatively affect the economy.
    Senegal The risk outlook improves following the peaceful transfer of power.
    Sierra Leone Forecast rapid economic growth is augmented by strong inflows of foreign financial assistance.
    South Africa Latest data suggest a weakening economic picture.
    Sudan Continuing disagreements with South Sudan weigh heavily on the risk outlook.
    Tanzania The risk outlook stabilises due to improved economic prospects.
    Tunisia The economic situation is weak amid rising political tension.
    Uganda The recommencement of monetary policy easing will help support economic growth.
    Zambia The short-term outlook remains under pressure from negative political and economic factors.
    Zimbabwe Foreign banks come under pressure to comply with indigenisation requirements.

    Asia Pacific
    Afghanistan Security risk will be seriously tested as NATO troops accelerate their withdrawal.
    Australia Economic prospects vindicate a rate cut by the central bank.
    Bangladesh Payment risks remain elevated as the key garment sector faces a downturn.
    Cambodia The dominance of the ruling party was reaffirmed by its one-sided victory.
    China D&B downgrades China's country risk rating amid slowing growth and rising political tensions.
    Fiji Flooding and deteriorating external demand impact economic growth.
    Hong Kong Rumours of weakening growth are confirmed.
    India D&B downgrades India's country risk rating as a number of factors undermine the risk profile.
    Indonesia Nationalist policy measures continue to disrupt the economy.
    Japan The government secures an agreement with the opposition to raise consumption taxes.
    Korea (South) The economy faces strong headwinds amid the euro-zone crisis and a slowdown in China.
    Malaysia An election edges closer alongside an economic slowdown.
    Myanmar D&B upgrades Myanmar's country risk rating as political and economic reforms gather momentum.
    Nepal Political and security threats still overshadow the risk outlook.
    New Zealand The risk outlook remains stable but the economy struggles to gain traction.
    Pakistan Inflation remains the primary problem for the economy.
    Papua New Guinea Political uncertainty is high ahead of election results.
    Philippines Quarterly economic growth surprises on the upside but is likely to be the peak for 2012.
    Singapore D&B downgrades Singapore's country risk rating as the global outlook worsens.
    Sri Lanka A change in policy stance helps ease sizeable external risks.
    Taiwan Worrying economic trends overshadow the risk outlook.
    Thailand Antipathy towards the government increases again.
    Vietnam The risk outlook stabilises amid rapidly easing inflation.

    Eastern Europe
    Albania Adverse external developments take their toll on the economy.
    Azerbaijan Continuing problems in the oil sector affect growth prospects.
    Belarus Despite some economic stabilisation, reforms are largely absent.
    Bosnia & Herzegovina The risk outlook improves following budget approval.
    Bulgaria Weak domestic and external demand keep the risk environment under pressure.
    Croatia Weak domestic and external demand weigh on the outlook.
    Czech Republic D&B downgrades the Czech Republic's country risk rating this month amid a deteriorating economic outlook.
    Estonia Economic expansion continues but at a slower pace than previously.
    Georgia Growth remains buoyant despite downside risks.
    Hungary Exports slow considerably in line with weak euro-zone activity.
    Kazakhstan The risk outlook is positive but the economy remains overly-dependent on commodity exports.
    Kyrgyz Republic Declining gold production and prices are expected to affect the trade balance.
    Latvia Economic growth has been higher than expected.
    Lithuania Official data show solid expansion in investment activity.
    Macedonia The country is relatively well placed to withstand a shock from the euro zone.
    Poland Economic growth is losing momentum.
    Romania The economy slips back into recession.
    Russian Federation The new ministerial cabinet makes implementation of a reform economic agenda appear doubtful.
    Serbia New political formations raise short- and long-term risk.
    Slovak Republic Economic performance exceeds that of the country's regional competitors.
    Slovenia The quarterly economic outturn confirms our expectation of a contraction for 2012 as a whole.
    Tajikistan Economic growth will remain significant but the Russian slowdown and declining cotton prices will ease its pace.
    Turkmenistan Economic growth is strong but major imbalances remain.
    Ukraine Substantial revenues from the Euro 2012 soccer championships now seem unlikely.
    Uzbekistan The economy faces significant challenges.

    Middle East
    Bahrain Political instability continues to undermine the country's economic potential.
    Egypt The risk outlook is undermined by the prospect of a prolonged period of political turmoil.
    Iran Talks to resolve the nuclear issue prove inconclusive.
    Iraq Despite relatively favourable economic indicators, the political and security environment remains fraught.
    Israel Deteriorating economic factors weigh on the risk outlook.
    Jordan Austerity measures should help cap the budget deficit.
    Kuwait Tensions between the executive and parliament destabilise the risk outlook.
    Lebanon Negative developments in the political and economic spheres affect the short-term outlook.
    Oman The government demonstrates positive democratic action following the 2011 protests.
    Qatar Qatar is set for strong fiscal expansion.
    Saudi Arabia The death of Crown Prince Nayef raises the question of succession.
    Syria Inflation rises sharply amid the volatile security and political environment.
    UAE Dubai looks to be leading the UAE's economic recovery.
    Yemen Yemen struggles with multiple challenges.

    The Americas
    Argentina D&B downgrades Argentina's country risk rating as the economic and commercial environments deteriorate.
    Bolivia Country risk increases significantly on the back of a new wave of nationalisations.
    Brazil The economy loses momentum against weak external demand.
    Canada The economy displays few signs of vigour.
    Chile Approval for the president remains low despite the implementation of a government poverty reduction scheme.
    Colombia Security risks increase sharply in the wake of insurgent attacks.
    Costa Rica The outlook deteriorates as fiscal consolidation stalls.
    Cuba Economic reforms unleash a rapidly growing private sector.
    Dominican Republic The centre-right will rebuild relations with the IMF following its presidential victory.
    Ecuador Worsening external economic conditions impact the economy.
    El Salvador An export slowdown puts pressure on foreign exchange reserves.
    Guatemala Growth prospects remain positive despite an expected weakening of economic momentum.
    Honduras Short-term growth prospects remain positive amid healthy demand for exports.
    Jamaica The new government aims for a budget surplus through increased taxation.
    Mexico Uncertainty surrounds the outcome of the presidential and parliamentary elections.
    Nicaragua The level of FDI almost doubled in 2011 but the need for caution persists.
    Panama The country experiences strong economic growth despite major political problems.
    Paraguay Monetary policy will remain neutral in light of a weaker global outlook.
    Peru The risk outlook remains under downward pressure as social conflicts intensify.
    Trinidad & Tobago Inflationary problems continue to worsen.
    USA The economy slides into mid-year weakness.
    Uruguay Import restrictions from Argentina negatively affect exports.
    Venezuela Social development projects stimulate growth in the construction sector.

    Western Europe
    Austria Economic growth in early 2012 followed a period of stagnation.
    Belgium Indicators suggest the economy may have momentarily stabilised.
    Cyprus Downside factors in the economic and financial spheres weigh on the risk environment.
    Denmark The precarious external environment undermines growth.
    Finland Domestic consumption enables the economy to outperform most euro-zone peers.
    France The Socialist Party wins the elections in a positive move for political stability.
    Germany D&B downgrades Germany's country risk rating this month on the back of disappointing economic trends.
    Greece Electoral victory for the pro-bailout party averts an abrupt and disorderly exit from the euro zone.
    Iceland The economy continues to show signs of recovery.
    Ireland Economic traction is proving elusive.
    Italy Forward-looking indicators suggest recession has continued.
    Luxembourg Following a sharp downturn, the economy has shown further signs of weakness.
    Malta Weak external and domestic demand weigh on the economic outlook.
    Netherlands Political uncertainty deepens as public opinion turns against austerity measures.
    Norway Growth benefits from expansion in domestic and foreign demand.
    Portugal Economic activity slackens as fiscal austerity bites.
    Spain Bank bailout fails to calm markets as government finances deteriorate.
    Sweden Buoyant domestic demand underpins economic growth.
    Switzerland Economic performance remains strong but downside risks are high.
    Turkey The outlook remains under significant downward pressure amid increasing security risks.
    United Kingdom The economy struggles to recover amid conflicting indicators.
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