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Updated: Feb 27, 2024
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4.445 • 11 REVIEWS

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Gauteng, South Africa,
Sep 12, 2018,

The TraderOnChart that made my trading life easier.

Since I've been a trader, I've always look for easy way to make my trading much more easier. Thanks to TraderOnChart, I can place my trades quickly without having to worry about my lot size. The TOC does it for me as long as I have my STOP LOSS in place, that's what I like the most about it. Not to leave out the pending orders that it places when you want to trade the news, the one gets activated while the other is closed automatically, pretty cool huh?! It's easy to use the TOC, plus there's a manual and a video which assist you in learning how to use it in case you think it might be complicated. I do recommend any trader to use The TOC, For me it's the best EA I have come across.

Thank you Rimantus P for developing such software. It's really amazing.
Florida, USA,
Mar 25, 2017,
Registered user

Awesome Product and Customer service

Customer service is exceptional. Always prompt to respond and thorough in their solving of the issue I have or explaining a function of their products.
I have been using the "TOC" for a couple years now and it has greatly helped my trading. Once understanding the use of the "Magic number" concept it has been indispensable for my scalping setup. I will write about my use of this or do a little video in the near future. Thanks to Rimantas and his staff.
Frank Mansell
Long Beach, California, USA,
Feb 26, 2014,

I had no idea I could become so nimble setting P.O.'s in my charts. Looking back and up to today I can hardly believe I'm able to react this quick now. Simply drag it onto my chart and select the type of trade I want to get in. Trading or Fading the News when "set to seconds", flat out rocks!
Both Market Execution and Pending Orders, right there. TP Pips in Ratio gives great Money Management or the HiLo StopLoss feature for one less calculation, keeps me right in the ballpark. TOC is my favorite little helper now. Excellent job guys.
I recommend Trader on Chart to anyone using MT4 that likes hassle free trading.

Frank Mansell - U.S.A
Warsaw, Poland,
Jan 15, 2014,

When I started with Forex, all the time I suffered with an uncomfortable (for me) order panel in MT4 platform. I started looking for a tool which help me quickly place an order with specific SL and TP. And then, I found a Trader on Chart Basic version on
My life changed :) With one click of button I can place order and scalp forex on the low time frames. Quick and Easy.

Since I’m trader on Forex market from 4 months, I decided to make step forward and buy a Trader on Chart v1.5 Full version, which is very useful to my strategy right now.
Very clean interface, light coded EA (not slowing platform or computer) is not trading robot, it is for trading manually, but with few more important features (compared to basic version) for example placing pending orders, make your trading fast (most important thing), precise (full control of SL and TP) and easy.

I encourage Mr. Rimantas to develop some trading features (e.g., close part of order or moving SL to BreakEven or even implement features already in FAT Trade Manager) and the ToC will be must have tool for every forex trader IMHO. Cross fingers :)
Santa Rosa, USA,
Nov 29, 2013,

This is my new Favorite Scalper Aid. I have Combined it with another favorite, and I now I have become addicted to making pips.
THIS THING made me addicted to pips. YEAH!
Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago,
Nov 26, 2013,

I am a forex trader and I use a hedging strategy on one pair. I usually need to get the entries in quickly so I can get good prices on both buy and sell orders. The Trader Basic Version has allowed me to place my entries (SL and TP included) seconds apart, with no human error and that's just great!

I am going to buy the Pro version so I can position size.
Attila Sherpa
Budapest, Hungary,
Jul 28, 2013,

I think this is very usefull tool in the trading. I love to trade with it. Fast accurate and reliable. And it was really cheap.
Melbourne, Australia,
Jun 3, 2013,

Hi Rimantas,
Thanks for the TOC, I love it. I wouldn't be able to do that previously, especially with the T/S. Now I'm able cut my losses substantially. This is a very handy tool, especially if you're trading the news.
Highly recommended, for any Forex traders.
Ziezmariai, Lithuania,
Jun 1, 2013,

Dear Bud Eaton,

please report this problem by email and include a screenshot of that message. I will do my best to solve this as soon as possible.

Thank You
Bud Eaton
Florida, USA,
May 31, 2013,

Downloaded FATv3 and installed it in my MT4 terminal, when I tried to apply it to charts I got a message that it was not allowed. I use MB Trading as my broker.