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Updated: Feb 23, 2016
4.5 · 24 REVIEWS
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4.5 · 24 REVIEWS
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Vienna, Austria,
Apr 28, 2015,

Okay, lets talk about vavatrade.

First of all, Rimantas (the trader) is a very nice guy, and offers a great support.

BUT the system has some problems:

- It trades all major pairs, wich is a bit risky, because the correlation between these pairs is huge. Some wrong words at a FED meeting, and you are in a big DD. Of course, if you are lucky, you can have high winnings as well. We can see this problem atm (April 2015), some bad news from the U.S., and we are in a quite big drawdown in a short period of time.

- The performance, compared to the price of the signal, is just not high enough. Since December 2014 the subscribers are breakeven, at most, or even lost some percent. All this while paying about a 1000$ /year (if you pay every 3 month).

- Lately the trader changed the system so many times, that sometimes it seems that not even him knows the strategy rules anymore. It started with pairs being removed from trading, then 3 month later, added again. And from a simple breakout strategy, he now changed to some kind of sentiment system, or somehting like that.

So in my opinion, dont invest in vavatrade anymore. Wait and see what he can do with the new system, but at the moment it doesnt look so good :/

2014-04-18 5Star I can highly recommend this system. One of the very few good and stable systems.

Support is great aswell!
Sussex, United Kingdom,
Apr 30, 2014,

I have subscribed to the Daily-F signals for almost a year now and I can say that it has been a winning choice in my case.
Vavatrade's customer is very well taken care off before and after the subscription process.Vavatrade own VPS hosting is faultless.
Mister Petrauskas has been a real gentlemen willing to promptly respond to my email even on a Sunday morning.
Daily-F is a consistent winner on the long term that is having a somehow difficult patch right now,but I am confident that it should resume gains in the near futur.
A highly recomandable signal provider as a whole.
Krisztain Bonczfoldi,
Budapest, Hungary,
Mar 2, 2014,

Hi Everybody,

I just want to tell my satisfaction about Vavatrade for those people, who looking for some workable forex system. Results are real, every presentation datas are correct, the trades are managed.
It makes real profits, real money. I use it a couple of weeks on my highly pleasure. I belive, it will make for me a lot of profit for a long time.
I like the trade of Vavatrade, good orders, professional entries and trade levels. Everything are shows this is a WORKING system.


Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China,
Feb 17, 2014,

Good so far, been using it at medium-low risk for about a month and the technicals seem sound which made the EA profitable. However, the author has indicated that fundamental events and its effects are not considered into the trading, which is one of the ways I believe this EA can be made even better. Will continue using it and see how things turn out in the future.
Washington, USA,
Feb 14, 2014,

Good product and great customer service. I am looking for a product with steady profits. Nothing comes quick but with patience and time, anything is achievable. Thanks Vavatrade
Muscat, Oman,
Feb 8, 2014,

I have been a member of these signals for 12 months and I have been using them on my real account.


-You get enough time to input the signals as they don't trigger right away.
-They are clear as they come with entry, stop and limit.
-Average profit has been $350 to $400 per month for 1mini lot. If you take out the signals membership fee it'll be about $200-$250.
-An email is received when a signal triggers which is helpful to confirm you are in line.
-You get to follow the performance on myfxbook with great details.


-They started to come at 2am on my local time.
-Many times I would receive the signal twice on a pair. The first one usually comes without the TP and SL. And then followed right away with another signal with the TP and SL. Just many emails.
-Many times I would receive two emails for the same signal with different SL which makes it difficult to know which one to use. However, it gets clear when the signal trigger email is received with the details.
Saxonia, Germany,
Feb 8, 2014,

I use VAVTRADE in a Demo mode to check the results without risk. Next month I'm going to go live and expect many green pips. Fair pricing, discount options and excellent customer support are the key facts for this provider. And, the most important thing is, that this system is making money under acceptable conditions (drawdown, expectancy, number of trades ect). I hope this will be a constant development next years... Thank you Rimantas.
Budapest, Hungary,
Feb 6, 2014,


I am following this system few months.The results are the same as the reference account. Its realy work .He has unprofitable months but overall make a big money for me :) Rimantas Petrauskas is very correct,and the support is fast answered for my questions.
I can only recommend to everyone. I give 4 stars because the moneymanagement is not comfortability me.
Sry for my bad English.
Ana Claudia Buoso Pinto,
São Paulo, Brazil,
Feb 4, 2014,

I'm using vavatrade.com a few months, and I'm very happy, definitely the best signal provider that already found so far. Thanks Rimantas Petrauskas
Queensland, Australia,
Feb 4, 2014,

It took a while for us to develop confidence risking our money on a live account using Vavatrade,but after 12months we have learnt that Vavatrade is genuine and honest.Now we trade using a live account.The results are accurate on the website to our results and we hope they can continue to generate positive pips. It is easy to set up and the EA runs without any issues. Its a great change to see someone who has created a product that works.