1. Justice Trader

    ABANDONED / UNSUPPORTED Criminal behaviour and brainless untrained staff! - AxiTrader

    FPA Forums Team Note: This complaint is both abandoned and unsupported. No money was sent, so no money was owed. No evidence has been provided of any misuse of the identity documents sent. JusticeTrader has not responded for more than 2 weeks after one of AxiTrader's regulators posted. This...
  2. Gavin86

    Scammed by Axi Trader.

    All my accounts have been closed out. Dont understand why even though my positions were hedged. And it always happens to me over the weekend when maket reopens. More than 150K gone in total. Customer Service can't do anything instead lecturing me over the phone. What kind of service is this? Is...
  3. A

    Axitrader - scam alert

    i just come across axitrader apparently list a fake financial regulator on their website, do not use Axitrader this is very suspicious & they might be involved with other scam? any expert care to give your opinion? i have a...
  4. A


    Any opnions about axitrader as a broker
  5. J

    Axitrader Misconduct and Refusal of Responsibility

    I have been trading with Axitrader, via a multiterminal platform. As new clients are not obliged to tell me if they have made a topup or increase in deposits, I trade based on amount of balance and equity shown at the MT4 terminal. On the 24th of December, i see an increase of $1000 under my...
  6. G


    i was with axi trader affiliates got some one to deposit and trade over 3 standard lots , was assigned 600$ comission , but they removed all options for me to even get paid, i used to be able to place my bank details ect but now they have restricted it.
  7. T

    AxiTrader Spread Widening

    Axitrader full scam broker. I'm giving warning with proof. dear Trader be careful from Axitrader. they closed my last trade GBPJPY by hitting STOP LOSS by increasing spread about 32 pips. My trade SL was 138.30 and when my trade got close by hitting stop loss, That time market price was 137.97...
  8. I

    Axitrader - potential scam

    Hello all, I have been with Axitrader for over a year. I was very happy with everything and kept depositing funds and losing it and had no problem with it as I believe it was my fault. During the past 6 months I have lost about $ 20k and I can’t complain as it was my mistakes J. Yesterday I lost...
  9. B

    Axitrader increase spreads 8X during trades

    I am a newbie to Forex and found that it was costing much more to open a Basket Trade. Then I downloaded a spread indicator & found that suddenly my spreads had increased over 8X. Is this legal or ethical?
  10. 2

    Resolved - witholding withdrawal of deposit funds

    Last night i received a very cryptic email from my broker Document Moved "Dear Client, We are currently investigating a price anomaly that could involve your trades which took place on your account at approximately 07:30 Server Time (14:30 AEST). We wish to notify you that during this time we...
  11. A

    Discuss (Was (.au) )

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