1. P

    Problem Pepperstone did not credit $9,685 crypto deposit to the account

    I sent a large deposit to Pepperstone using USDT TRC20 to exactly the wallet address that they provided, have sent proof that the transaction was successful with over 200+ confirmations, have provided the transaction hash id and everything that proves that I sent the money in but still no...
  2. Tusharcsfx


    Daily Crypto Analysis – Bitcoin Dive, Ethereum at $2k, Chainlink Bubble, XRP Struggles. Introduction Bitcoin plunges below $40k as enthusiasm surrounding spot ETF approval diminishes. Despite initial optimism, the cryptocurrency struggles to sustain gains post-SEC approval. Ethereum faces a...
  3. syamfx2020

    Daily Market Report - Wednesday, Aug 30, 2023

    The price of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) has increased by more than 7% in the past 24 hours to $28,100 as the US court ruled in favor of Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, in regard to the application of a spot BTC ETF. The upside momentum was also lifted after the social media...
  4. syamfx2020

    Daily Market Report - Friday, Aug 18, 2023

    The largest cryptocurrency bitcoin (BTCUSD) plummets after the crypto pair failed to hold above the major diagonal trendline. The price of Bitcoin fell by 7.5% in 24 hours and in a flash crash, BTC temporarily fell towards the $25,000 mark. The fall leads to a cascade of liquidations in the...
  5. SuperBuBlik

    Discuss CRYPTO SCAM! never sent us the funds back, my dad was trading with them, and they asked us to pay a penalty before they could send us our money back, when they said they released, they sent it back to their wallet on purpose, Since then they never wanted to release our funds, they are...
  6. K

    Searching Broker with ECN, crypto deposit, not MT4 and tax haven

    Please tell me brokers that satisfies the following conditions. - ECN - Crypt currency deposits and withdrawals enabled - Trading tool is other than MT4 - Financial regulations have been obtained in tax havens
  7. Andreas72s

    Trading Ideas: "what we know is a drop but what we don't know is an ocean..."

    "What we know is a drop ...but what we don't know is an ocean!" (Isaac Newton)
  8. 4evermaat

    Celsius network....possible exit scam (avoid any new deposits)

    I was alerted a few minutes ago that Celsius network recently announced that it was halting all withdrawals, transfers, and swaps effective immediately. Based on the mathematics of this announcement + the comments left by users, I suspect this is the exit portion of the scam. It makes...
  9. TradeLikeAPro

    Bitcoin swings in a tight cage

    Bitcoin continues its wild swings between $29-31.5K. By the end of the day on Tuesday, it had moved sharply back to the upper end of the range, but Wednesday began with a new dip, temporarily falling below 30K. Overall, bitcoin adds 2.7% over the day and has lost 4% in seven days, all well below...
  10. S

    HBVest Scam

    HBVest is a scam broker. Investors beware. They require investors to pay a fee in order to make a withdrawl.
  11. Apirone

    Services Offered - crypto payment gateway is a gateway for crypto payments in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. Two convenient ways to accept payments: 1. Forwarding - instant forwarding of transactions to an external wallet 2. Saving - accumulating and managing the wallet - We accept all incoming payments...
  12. T

    Discuss Crypto private offerings

    Hi, so i trade the usual markets, but have been watching crypto not knowing much.After seeing countless times crypto tokens going over 10x,50x, even 100x i had to take a look.I went from trading bitcoin,etherium, to trading smaller stuff like solana,matic, then i found alt coins! Remember how...
  13. Glastonburyk

    Forex and crypto trade signals for all to contribute

    I thought maybe we could start a thread of men and woman that could all contribute their ideas out loud so we could analyse each other’s signals and discuss them openly. I thought this maybe far better than just one person throwing out signals as it’s serves as educational. I will update with...
  14. A - scammers fraud beware - dont invest

  15. cTrader

    cTrader Web & Desktop 4.1 Releases Offering Direct Crypto Deposits

    Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Web 4.1 and cTrader Desktop 4.1 versions - updates that spice up the web and desktop versions of cTrader with some of the most sought-after additions for traders across both Windows and Mac devices. cTrader Web and Desktop have embraced the rise...
  16. cTrader

    cTrader Desktop 4.1 Adds USD Indicative Currency Switch, Direct Crypto Deposits with no Fiat conversion & Balance Bar Customization

    We at cTrader are delighted to share the release of the cTrader Desktop 4.1 update that improves with some of the most sought-after additions for traders: Users can see their balance, equity, margin and P&L in the indicative currency of USD at any time via a single switch in TradeWatch option...
  17. Babeeked

    Searching Are there any brokers that allow trading crypto on MT4 24/7?

    Pls recommend any brokers that allow 24/7 trading on MT4. I am planning to test a scalping EA.
  18. fullertonmarkets

    Crypto Crashes! Do Not Lose Sight of Central Banks' Policy Divergence

    It will be an intense week for the technology, cryptocurrency, bonds and commodities markets. This happens when you have discussions about the dreaded Fed tapering, a possible return of the Iran nuclear deal and strong opinions on cryptocurrencies from members of the ECB and Chinese State...
  19. Sive Morten

    How to buy crypto on Coinbase using PayPal

    Coinbase announced recently ability to buy cryptocurrencies using personal Paypal account. As Coinbase reports - "If you have an existing PayPal account, you’ll be able to start making transactions on Coinbase right away. Plus, there’s no need to add bank accounts or card numbers directly to...