Forex and crypto trade signals for all to contribute


I thought maybe we could start a thread of men and woman that could all contribute their ideas out loud so we could analyse each other’s signals and discuss them openly. I thought this maybe far better than just one person throwing out signals as it’s serves as educational.

I will update with my first trade soon
EURUSD - 06/09/2021 - Oof! Last weeks poor USD economic data sent the pair up to 1.19.

“Nonfarm Payrolls report added just 235K new jobs, missing the 750K expected”

“The ADP survey added 374K new jobs, well below the 613K expected”

“ISM Manufacturing employment sub-component contracted to 49 from 52.9”

On top of this Powell from the FED has suggested tapering may not happen and that economic recovery may be sluggish in the US.

ECB remains stoic on monitory policy.

This week economic points:

- EUR gdp - Monday

- USD FED Speeches - Wednesday

- EUR ECB Policies decisions - Thursday

All in all not sure where to go, will be eying a bit of retrace on Monday but all eyes on Wednesday FED speeches for real movement.

So how are you guys fairing? See the USD dropping further?


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