1. A

    Figfx unreachable

    Goodday to ya'll, pls mr javier, i firstly want to commend u on the way my account issue was resolved d last time, but pls we need to hear somethin from you in order to know how worried we shud be. I belive u were attacked by a bug or sth.But pls we or i really need to hear from you pls
  2. G

    FIG fx Brokers

    I have micro and cent accounts with this brokers. I deposited money on 19th March to the Cent Account which I started trading from 20th March till 2nd April when I opened some positions. but the next day, I could not open my platform to which I felt great consternation because I wanted to...
  3. S

    FigFx scammers, stealers - withdrawal "problem"

    Unfortunately I have to agree with Laurens from Netherland and THT from Vietnam, because I have the same experiences. I don’t talk about big money, but if this company does this for just a little money, then what does this company do, if this is about more thousand dollars? In summary: I opened...
  4. R website is closed and runaway

    i have 20 accounts in this company i am managing of their accounts. each account is more than $5000 now website is closed and runaway now what can i do? my clients are want all of money back which i deposited in this company how can i give them all of money back please help me some financial...
  5. F

    Problem FIGFX a Modern SCAMMER

    Hey Guys, I am here to introduce a big SCAM broker :, they found a new way in forex market to legally SCAM their clients, I Congratulate them, they are intelligent in this way What am I speaking about? It is called Paragraph #27, The story is : the has a paragraph...
  6. R is scam company's server of mt4 down at least from 4th april and you can not login or access your account's page in this site. company is not answering of any mails
  7. R scam and runaway

    compnay is not answering of my mails and phones so i have to go their office which is located in cyprus but office is now closed from 1st april 2012 big scam of forex market
  8. H

    FIGFX Scam

    My account was closed after 1 year and 2 months of trading. The company claims that i have violated paragraph #27 of their costumer agreement: They have stolen the whole money that was on the account ($898).
  9. W

    Fig Fx wouldn´t pay my Gain.

    First mail 9th Feb 2012 – 11.33 pm( cet) Hello Mr. Zahn, We regret to inform you that your trading account 308951 has been temporarily banned from accessing our servers due to a huge amount of cancelled/arbitrage trades from an illegal EA received recently from your trading terminal...
  10. A = SCAM ===> 1000$

    hi, my account has been suspended.and they did not return all of my invested capital deposit. my name is mohammadtaghi farrokhpour my account number:310134 my phone password:19706 my email that account registered by it : FigFX banned my account because their...
  11. M scamed my 29 usd please help

    scam broker , so many times i make a deposit and lose my money but today i earned from 10 $ about 29 in one position ( not scalping or EA ) , after making a withdrawal request , i wait for 2 days but today they disabled my account without sending me the reason , i know the terms and i haven't...
  12. A

    Figfx total scam

    FIGFX :mad: CLOSED MY Account. Because I have winning trade and refuse to refund my money. They accusing me to use illegal EA?? IF using FAPTURBO & Shocker is illegal then what EA that they think legal??? This broker is a total scam but have 4 star in FPA? Bellow email from FIGFX: Hello...
  13. ruseneca

    FIGfx SCAM Alert

    It is nice to be a member of Forexpeacearmy. Unluckily my first post concerns a Fraud activity. On Friday, 11.11.2011, I opened account with FIGfx and deposit it with $18 via LibertyReserve. Unfortunately it was credited with my deposit today. Here are the details of the deposit: Batch...
  14. F

    FIGFX won't give me my deposit back

    my Account Number: 305064 Sorry if i have posted in the wrong section since I couldn't find the place for complains or FPA doesn't deal with complains if so am sorry I will delete this thread also I can't send message to the admin on this forum. FIGFX i have joined them 3 weeks ago depositing...
  15. A

    RESOLVED - Figfx disabled my account!

    :confused:Firstly, I must say I don't know if Figfx is a scam or not, after what has happened. I think this is a huge misunderstanding or big mistake. Cos i av been enjoying FIGFX, unlike all the blogs av been reading about them. I was trading this afternoon, after mourning the money i lost...
  16. P

    Fig Fx Terminated my Account

    I started trading with figfx because they had a Nigerian Representative I could run to any time I may be having a problem with them, but I think they do not even respect the opinion of their Representative. I place a withdrawal for over two weeks but nothing was done to effect the withdrawal...
  17. G

    RESOLVED - figfx

    Hello, I want to tell you that this broker is not serious. I've opened an account with them, and when I wanted to withdraw my money they closed my account and didn't answer my e mails and phone calls. I'm still waiting his answer. Gabosa
  18. N

    figfx terminated my account

    ​​Hello, We regret to inform you that your trading account has been permanently terminated due a violation of our terms of service. A screenshot attached below shall show you how you managed 7 accounts at once from the same IP address, where we have stated that management of...
  19. R

    Problem FIGfx refuse to pay my profitmoney

    In feb 2011 i opened an acc. at FIGfx broker. In april they close my account with a notice. Saying that i didnot send the aggrement docs. But that is not true. I did send the docs. they refund my initial deposit but refuse to pay my profitmoney usd 1714.30. FIGFX broker reject my ticket and...
  20. B

    FigFX Re-Quote Scam offers guaranteed 1 pip spreads on 5 majors. Watch this video to see them avoiding the 1 pip spread using re-quotes. Watch as the re-quotes they offer go as high as 10 pips from current price. Watch as price never moves more than 2 pips from current price. I have an interbank account...