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  1. P

    Fxopen.com reaches new heights. Blocking withdrawals methods without notification.

    I have posted previously of the poor quality of spreads of Fxopen.com and the "dramatic" rollovers with them. They did offer some moderate compensation last year on that issue. Over the past year though they have started arbitarily blocking withdrawal options without notification. And the site...
  2. D

    Resolved: FxOpen- Did not execute my stoploss

    my account number is 14500317. MT5 account the market has hit my stop loss twice and it did not execute, i have same order on other 3 different brokers and FxOpen MT4 accounts and all executed my stoploss, and FxOpen hedged my sell order with a counter buy order (same lot as my un-executed sell...
  3. abwen

    FXOPEN: How did you get cheated?

    i lost my money on FXOPEN,about 25000$,it's liar! Have you been cheated? Talk about your opinion and the experience of being cheated I met a beautiful girl on tinder. He told me that MT4 can make money
  4. P

    Lovely spread of 2100 pps at Fxopen.com

    Hedging positions of GBP/JPY closed at 132.540 for buy orders and 134.780 for sell orders. Now that is a truely "floatting" spread to enjoy. It really floated away with my cash.
  5. E


    I trade with FXOpen on a live ECN account. Lately, I have started to see some very unlikely things happening. My 25 pip SL got hit when I was in a +- 30 pips profit. That is a spike in the spread of 55 pips on a major currency. Now, something even more disturbing has happened. My BUY trade was...
  6. J

    FxOpen reluctant to wire profits

    Hi, It has been 13 days that I am going back and forth with the so called "support" of FxOpen to wire me back my profits They have mentioned some problems in wiring USD, then there was a bug (wrong countries) in their withdrawal web form, the asked me to move from UK to AUS But until now they...
  7. R

    FXOpen buy stop executed without price touch the assigned amount

    MT4 BUY STOP with the following details from MT4 journal: 2015.08.05 20:00:02.170 '880169': pending order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD was modified -> price: 1.09328 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 2015.08.05 20:24:17.260 '880169': order #48881660 buy stop 0.96 EURUSD at 1.09328 activated at...
  8. C

    FXopen giving me the runaround

    After submitting my identical documents to them 3 times, I finally got my PIN Reset. Now after 3 weeks of submitting and confirming the deposit to get my money back, no response, money is still in the account. Why does it take manual emails and so many back and forth just to get something...
  9. E

    Trade of USDJPY on FXOpen

    FOREX PEACEARMY (I will send you 4 attachments, yet!) Object: Initiation of an investigational process against the FXOpen Investments Inc broker company to a statement about a material compensation. Dear Comittee or Supervision, Please, expostulate the process of FXOpen Investments Inc...
  10. L

    Forex Open or FXOpen sore loosers

    Date US time about 1240 pm pacific time 09 March 2011 just when news release for NZDUSD was made. My buy price 0.705 (that was never hit during upward spike). I looked at many charting companies and all info was the same 0.7405 was not hit. Some how a buy was made and my sell was deleted...
  11. B

    centregold (fxopen)

    Fx open doesn't not allow direct funding so you have to use other companies like "liberty Reserve", but liberty reserve only transfer the money because the use other companies like "centregold" to actualy charge the money on your card but they don't do it directly they use another company call...
  12. J

    FXOpen Margin Call Problem! Plenty Of Proofs!

    NEED YOUR HELP! COULD ANYONE TELL ME HOW TO INSERT LINK IN POST??? MY LINK ALWAYS SHOW INCORRECTLY!!! For my case, please visit FXOpen Is Absolute Cheater! > Home to learn more detail. It is about my misfortune suffered at FXOpen recently(02/16/09), attention please, for my case I saved...
  13. E

    FxOpen blocking my emails and sit on my deposit

    hello, unfortunately i have to recognize, that fxopen want to steal my small deposit. i have no experience with brokers. last week, i transfered 1160.00 euro to my new tradingaccount. because of a lack of knowlage i didnt know how wire transfer works. my current bank also didnt know what wire...
  14. E

    Problem Help me getting MY money from scammers FXOpen/FXEgypt!

    Hellо, FPA! Here is the story of Erlan Saduakasov from Kazakhstan. We were adviced by traders to place it here. I hope you will help him in your best. Dear members! My name is Erlan Saduakasov. Maybe you remember my story about FXOpen.com in October. I’ll remind you the most important...
  15. K

    Problem Fxopen scam - see my proofs

    On 05.16.2012, I made a profit of 43.405 USD trading on FXOPEN ECN platform. However, by end of the trading day, all my profit was removed from my account and from my account history. Nevertheless, I was carefull enough, so I made screenshots all of my trades, and I saved my trade logs as...
  16. T

    FXOPEN SCAM Broker blocked my account with profits around $46,000.

    FXOPEN SCAM Behavior - blocked my account with profits around $46,000. With due respect to Fxopen Management and great respect to my IB & Bro Rebatefx, I have no other option but to post this at FPA about Fxopen's unacceptable Scam behavior of blocking my account with $46,000 profits. I had...
  17. V

    FxOpen.com - Changed T&C - Didn't Inform - Fee To Reactivate Account

    All, I have been a customer with FxOpen since the past 6+ years. I have a micro account with them and might pull a trade or two every 15-18 months for testing the markets. This was never a problem with them. Yesterday, when I logged in to their portal after a year or so, I realized my account...
  18. sixa

    FX OPEN - The infamous Liquidity Provider - Trades opened 10 Pips below Market Prize

    OK. Things have changed. FX OPEN had a problem with their Liquidity Provider and this caused my open trades to be 625 USD in the loss. After sending emails back and forth, FX Open refunded my account with 300$. Now 2 Weeks later FX Open c hose to refund the for me missing 325 USD also, as "a...