I trade with FXOpen on a live ECN account. Lately, I have started to see some very unlikely things happening. My 25 pip SL got hit when I was in a +- 30 pips profit. That is a spike in the spread of 55 pips on a major currency.
Now, something even more disturbing has happened. My BUY trade was closed 72 pips BELOW my SL!! The closest the BID price came to my SL was 52 pips. (It is now close to where my TP was)
(I am attaching a chart with the transaction)
When I queried this situation they told me it is "slippage"!! Slippage on a running open trade of 72 pips where the spread is only 1.1 pip!
This seems to be completely impossible. If true how can we trade for a profit if this thing happens all the time?
I would like to hear your comments.