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  1. tav pal

    Goptions SCAM!

    I signed up with goptions in the summer of 2015. I funded my account with $3500. In less than a week, i get an email from Brian Freeman stating, " there was an issue with the Credit Card Processor and for some reason they automatically sent back you investment. So currently you account balance...
  2. A

    GOPTIONS - withholding funds

    After making an initial deposit, I was contacted by a Dan Henderson to make an additional deposit. This will allow me to get 5 risk free trades with no restrictions or volume commitments. I made the additional deposit, but never got the 5 risk free trades. After making the deposit, I never heard...
  3. S

    GOptions is a scam

    Goptions is a scam broker. Their website says same day withdrawal policy, but yet it is not true. They are liars. They put this in their website to trick you to want to invest with this company. I am having trouble drawing out the rest of my money from Goptions right now. I first asked to...
  4. Rabiddawg777


    Im not sure how to procceed ,but I will try my best. I was talked into depositing $5,000 USD into an account I had traded with previously for the "Earnings Season". I actually came out on top with a profit of approximately $1000. (Not even close to as promised) My broker often did not send me...
  5. AsstModerator

    GOptions – A Binary Broker That Prefers Attacking Over Resolving Problems

    GOptions A Binary Broker That Prefers Attacking Over Resolving Problems FPA members Ruseneca, Tomjersey, and VicChan all reported issues with the GOptions. GOptions doesn't seem to understand how the FPA works. When Ruseneca's Traders Court case about a dispute over a no-deposit bonus was...
  6. T

    Goptions has not just scammed me but many others

    Here is my personal story, Goptions has not just scammed me but many others, in the Binary Trading World. WARNING TO GOPTIONS ACCOUNT HOLDERS Goptions is a Fraud !!!! On December 14, 2014 @ 12:04 am I logged out of my account and my balance was 9555.00. I woke up in the morning and I...
  7. R

    My problem with Goptions

    I was scammed by Goptions from November 2013. I opened an account with them with $1000 which was increased by a bonus without asking. I was dealing with Adam Stone from the word go and pretty soon he was putting me on the VIP account with a lot of lies. I put in $20000 and he would take money...
  8. O

    www.goptions.com is a scam they wont give me back my money

    they wont give back my 3000 dollar i deposit this company are nothing more then a big scam they are not deen at all