My problem with Goptions

Ramendra Prasad

I was scammed by Goptions from November 2013. I opened an account with them with $1000 which was increased by a bonus without asking. I was dealing with Adam Stone from the word go and pretty soon he was putting me on the VIP account with a lot of lies. I put in $20000 and he would take money out to put into MTA accounts and put them back as a bonus. At one stage he was trying to get in touch with me to put in more money but was unable to reach me so took an unauthorised $7500 from my credit card. I blasted him over it and told him to put it back but he put up an excuse and drama and offered me risk free trades and asked me to give him some time to make money for me. He put me on to a woman account manager by the name of Maya Doron and she put me on to a trader by the name of James Western. After trading with James I ended up losing $25000 in one around 40 minutes. He kept saying he hasn't had a bad day like this before. I stopped trading for a while and eventually got put on to a person by the name of Chris who signed over my final $13000 to MTA for 3 months. I received my first statement from Chris after 1 month and I was surprised to see it had grown to $22000. That's when my contact with Chris stopped and I found out later that he had moved back (don't know where) I sent several emails to Goptions to find out what happened to my statements for the other months. The tickets would open and they would close with no action or contact. After 3 months in MTA, the money was to be transferred back to my trading account. When that didn't happen. I tried to log in to my account only to find that it had been closed. I sent several emails again and just like before, tickets would open and they would close with no explanation. I tried ringing them and the customer service would take my details up to my email address and then hang up. I tried this several times and after giving my email, the phone would just die. I have tried several avenues and one of my friend had the same issue but not with as much money as mine. He told me that Goptions customer service had told him that Adam Stone had cancer and was taking sick leave to go through Chemo treatment and all his accounts were frozen. I have even sent emails to VP of compliance but still no reply. I don't know who to turn to as I believe if the MTA account is still trading then I would have well over $100000 in it.
Even though they aren't regulated by them, report it to ASIC. Report it to the Australian Police. Report it to any and all Australian Anti-fraud agencies you can find. File a report on

Get in touch with your bank and the banks you sent the money to. Ask about how to file wire fraud charges.
According to their site: "Clearing and Processing facilities provided by Go Marketing Solutions Ltd - 1A Arcade House, Temple Fortune - NW11 7TL - London - England".

Make a complaint through the FCA and Action Fraud
Goption has stolen £5000 from me. I've reported them to, online police fraud. This authorites don't do anything. Also charge back didn't work. I look for 3 people (including me) who would be ready to sue them and split the cost $3333 each. The lawyer wants $10 000 to open a court case in British Islands

They don't care about this forum, they still exist and rip off people. Adam Stone is a liar. This is not even his true name. I've heard his from Israel. Also the rest of people who work there are crooks

How scam companies like goptions can exist for years and carry on cheating people?
Probably depends on where the hell you live on this planet, so I might agree with you !
But I can tell you one thing, these suckers are unable to collect funds in France and slowly most of European country’s !
Europol is behind their arses ! The idea is CUT THE CASH FLOW !
Strangely, many victims on this site keep their funding methods as a secret , why ?
My Law office is tracking WorldPay !! those guys say its Allcharge , resellers of worldpay,
Completely illegal to operate in EU zone etc etc…….in the mean time the FCA does get involved !!
So, it’s a matter where did you send your money too ?? If by any chance, it’s a British regulated
Entity, their Ombudsman will take care of the matter!!! Of course, we noticed, some of these
Ombudsman do get confused and might reject cases .

Why ? British Islands ? Track your MONEY…..Funding’s !!

Why do you think RBS/WORLDPY stopped their Customer relations, as they call it, with ALLCHARGE
AlGOCHARE during June 2014,( there was only one Bank involved with these scammers in France, RBS and WORLDPAY , until summer 2014) because victims started taking LEGAL actions !!!!
Don’t give up, soon I am going to open a threat and give you the whole banking scam story.