1. R

    Edgedale Finance not admitting receipt of wire transfer

    I was able to negotiate an agreement with Mr Gold of Edgedale Finance for a payment of US$40,000 as full loan payment for one of my friend's niece. The wire transfer was made and the company practicaly shut the email communication with me thereby not acknowledging receipt of the transfer. They...
  2. P

    Rumelia Capital/Grey Mountain Scam

    I hope you can help. I was scammed out of $67,500. I initially invested 500 on October 7 , 2016 and was contacted by Brian Green who said he could manage my account if I invested $2000 with guaranteed trades protection so I did. We did 60 second trades making modest gains so he said if I...
  3. M

    Edgedale ignoring withdrawal requests

    I have $23,000 in my account and have reached my 6 month minimum trade period required to qualify for my bonus. Michael Smith was appointed as my new broker around Christmas and he only contacted me once to push for a further investment which I refused. Then he disappeared and ignored all my...
  4. EDQHT

    Porter Finance Withdrawal Problem

    Hi Guys, I am having issues getting my withdrawal processed from Porter Finance. I requested withdrawals on 02 Jan 2017 and 10/01/2017 (for the total amount $376) I have followed up via email 8 times (since 30 jan 2017) and received no response. Now they have the audacity to levy a dormant fee...
  5. M


    Hi all, invested 17500 and even thoguh my trades were successful I cannot withdraw my initial investment until "Please continue trading and making profit until you’ve reached the turnover requirement, unfortunately you will not be able to withdraw funds until you’ve traded for the required...
  6. A

    Discuss (Greymountain)

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  7. R

    Tropical Trade assoc with Grey Mountain promised sure trade

    After opening an account I was approached several times by Alexey Pushkevich would offered a "guaranteed payout" for one month on apple. I was promised that the amount (US$7,500) would have been refunded back to my card if any loss was made. On placing the trade I was advised that i should place...
  8. mbreitfelder

    Problem GreyMountain Management's Nest of Binary Scam Brokers

    I have found a slew of binary option brokers that are "White Label Solutions" provided by "Greymountain Management Ltd" that are unregulated and are scam brokers. I was one of the lucky ones to get my principal back by absolutely hounding their "client" and Greymountain Managment to the point...