Edgedale ignoring withdrawal requests


I have $23,000 in my account and have reached my 6 month minimum trade period required to qualify for my bonus. Michael Smith was appointed as my new broker around Christmas and he only contacted me once to push for a further investment which I refused. Then he disappeared and ignored all my further numerous attempts to contact him. Prior to placing my withdrawal request on 1 March, I sent an email to every address that I have at Edgedale forbidding any further trade on my account. I tried repeatedly to get assist from Support. They started out by saying Michael Smith would contact me. When that turned out to be fruitless they asked for 36 - 48 business hours to investigate - that was weeks ago and since then Support has now joined the ranks of my broker - they are just ignoring my emails and my telephone enquiries render nothing. Where do I turn? Doesn't this qualify as theft?
If you haven't done so already, leave these scammers a nice, shiny 1 Star review here:


Get screenshots of everything before your account or even the entire Edgedale Finannce site disappears.

Then it gets dicey. You let them lead you around for 6 months. If you deposited by credit card, you may be past the deadline for a chargeback. If you deposited by card, you need to contact your bank's fraud or abuse department to find out about the deadline. If your bank can't/won't help, WinChargeBack may be able to assist.

Since it's a binary company, I've made a list of regulators who want to hear your complaint. That's in post #2 of this thread: