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    Mercer Capital /

    The Account Manager by the name of Cathrine Lien she said i should make a deposit of $500 to trade on my behalf and giving me surety that they'll make use 25% of the deposit so i do not have to worry, started trade on my behalf from 21 October 2015 Account number: 1009077 under MT4 Since i asked...
  2. F Scam

    Hello everyone MercerFX has been closed now and they start to use integraFX please be careful from them they are big scammers and they are saying that they are regulated from Fiji Island Financial Monetary Authority (FFMA) after the investigation it is came that they own...
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    GUILTY Case# 2015-144 | harrywlim vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: Withdrawal Request not being proceed. 04 July 2014: Open an account with MercerFX 06 August 2014: Deposit an account of US$ 10,000 06 August 2014 - 06 July 2015: Trading 06 July 2015: Close...
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    For Attention Of: Board of Directors and Support Team MERCERFX / MERCER CAPITAL Mercer Capital Ltd. 38 Birmingham Drive Middleton, Christchurch, 8024 New Zealand Tel: +64 9 801 0090 / +44 203 1501 642 ISSUE: WITHDRAWAL DENIED BY MERCERFX / MERCER CAPITAL Account beholder name: XXXX...
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    MercerFX Withdrawal Problem

    The company website: I'm thinking of filling a dispute against this company on FSCL Search Summary Company FSP General details Name: MERCER CAPITAL LIMITED FSP number: FSP347626 Registration date: 21/02/2014 FSP status: Registered Trading names: Business Address:38...
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    Unsubstantiated complaint - mercerfx issue

    Hello, I have recently requested a withdrawal from my account and at the time of withdrawal, my account was showing balance of about US$42500. I have waited for 2 weeks and the fund still has not been wire transferred into my local bank account. I sent them an email why I have not received...
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