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Based on the available evidence, do you believe that MercerFx is guilty?

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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: Withdrawal Request not being proceed.

04 July 2014: Open an account with MercerFX

06 August 2014: Deposit an account of US$ 10,000

06 August 2014 - 06 July 2015: Trading

06 July 2015: Close all positions. The net equity/balance is US$ 8067.77

08 July 2015: Withdrawal request of US$ 8067.77

08 July 2015: Confirmation email of withdrawal request received

08 July 2015 - 23 July 2015: I sent them 2 emails asking/begging/confirming the withdrawal

23 July 2015: They said my account has been transferred to AshokFX (WTF??? What an excuse, who ordered this???)

23 July 2015: I've clarified that and on the 10 July 2015 also I've been emailing them, that my account is still on the MercerFX-Live.srv on MT4

23 July 2015: My MT4 account was disabled, but I can login to trader cabinet

28 July 2015: They said they were transferring the money. In my trader's cabinet, the money was dimissed (deducted).

They said, they have transferred the money on 07/28/2015. But they lied because the money didn't arrive at my bank account nor they didn't answer my email asking for the transfer slip. (an evidence) that they have submitted the SWIFT remittance.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by Harry Wirawardhana on 08/11/15

The company was first contacted about the issue on 07/08/15 the last contact was on 08/18/15

Details: They said: they have transferred the money on 07/28/2015, and still waiting for SWIFT from their bank. Until now, no responses or no email answered by them (emailed/Skype/livechat them more than 5 times already asking the SWIFT)

Company representatives' emails: Anna Peters <>
Support <>



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  1. I have email them more than 10 times already. The last 5 with no luck (no responses).
  2. I have asked them over the phone more than 5 times. The last 3 times wasn't picked up.
  3. I have begged them through the Live Chat on their website for more than 5 times. The last 2 times wasn't answered. But if I use other name (through proxy), they simply answered it. (Anna was in charged).

This is the contact numbers from Website:
+64 9 801 0090
other contacts

The Skype contact:

The Live Chat contact (shown on the website):
livechat.png is owned by Mercer Capital New Zealand and is listed on New Zealand's Financial Service Provider Register (No. FSP42742). It is also a member of the Financial Services Complaints Limited.

The FSP number isn't valid anymore. I'll try to contact USA Authority to dispute Mercer Capital LTD. as the holding company through SEC. Is it possible?


Brigadier General
Yo AsstMod! This one looks like to can go straight to a formal invitation as soon as you have a free moment.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Formal invitation issued. Now we wait a few days to see if they bother to respond.

Please post an update on Friday afternoon or sometime Saturday to let me know if you heard anything back or not.

Bill Tyson

Mate Australia and New Zealand has strong regulatory authorities get in contact with them. Its worth a try


Sorry to hear about your trouble Harry,

A real kick in the guts after such a good year trading, hopefully it will be resolved and you get your money. Was looking on their website, under terms and conditions "Withdrawals" and I see "The Maximum Withdrawal amount for any given transaction is: $5,000.00" which seems like real B.S., could this have anything to do with it?.

Under the tabs "Tools"- deposit and withdrawal limits, I it shows various methods of "Daily & Weekly Deposits Limits" but the only mention of withdrawals is "3-5 Business Days"

I also see the address in the fine print is "Mercer Capital Ltd. | Spyrou Kyprianou, 84 | 4004 | Limassol, Cyprus" So I am guessing it is just an office they have in NZ? So Cyprus is where you should file a complaint also.