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The Account Manager by the name of Cathrine Lien she said i should make a deposit of $500 to trade on my behalf and giving me surety that they'll make use 25% of the deposit so i do not have to worry, started trade on my behalf from 21 October 2015 Account number: 1009077 under MT4
Since i asked for withdrawal on the 7 March 2016, there's has been no reply And then i received an email from that their moving to better environment Walton and also i should download Meta Trade .

This week the when i go to the website ; it says the website has been blocked. I tried emailing ( Cathrine Lien about the situation there's been no reply, i also tried to send emails to support no replies, the website is blocked i cannot login is written under maintenance your data is secure.

My contacts +27793887861 or


Lt. Colonel
Its running fine but then I got this error "this site is blocked in the country where you are"