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Forex Peace Army Court - Forex Scam Resolution and Traders Money Recovery

Scammers pray that you don't join us today!

The FPA Traders Court is available to all FPA Forums members experiencing serious issues with a company. This is replacing the Scam Ticketing system. Scam Investigations may still be done, but those will only be done at the discretion of the Scam Investigations Committee. Since the FPA Traders Court is new, these rules may be adjusted to serve your interests in the best and most efficient way.

Traders Court Case Preparation - Please Follow This Checklist When Filing the Case.

Before Submission:

  1. Try to contact the company about the issue at least 3 times over a period of at least 1 week.

Why? Many companies would gladly resolve your problem if they are given a chance to do so. There's no point in opening a court case when a quick phone call or email from you might solve the problem.

  2. Start a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder with the name of the offending company in the subject line.

Why? This is where all of your fellow FPA members can comment on the problem. There may be people who know how to solve the problem or others who are having the same problem.

  3. Visit our Review Database and submit a 1-Star review for the company with the explanation of your case. If the company is not listed in our database, please submit it along with your review.

Why? Because we want other traders to learn what happened to you to avoid having the same problem.

  4. Did this happen within the last 9 months?

Why? We sympathize if you were scammed sometime back and just found us, but getting evidence on older issues can be virtually impossible.

  5. Make sure you have at least one file for evidence to attach to your case.

This can be a receipt, a trading record, or anything else showing that you are a client of the company. For your privacy, you may want to edit out any sensitive information.

Note: Filing a Traders Court case would not be likely to make a company already labeled as SCAM pay what is owed. Please do leave a 1 star review and post in the Scam Alerts folder so that traders will know that problems with the company are continuing. If the scam finding is later lifted and your issue is still unresolved, please file a case.

If your issue meets all of the requirements above, you can file a case with the FPA Traders Court.

After Submission.

You MUST come back to the Court Case Preparation Folder to check on your case often. The FPA will invite the company in to the semi-private discussion of your case. FPA staff and members won't be able to effectively help you without your close cooperation, if you fail to respond to questions in your case thread for a week, your case will probably be dismissed.

If you have been scammed by a forex company, we will do everything in our power to help you get your money back.

Please login with your Forex Peace Army username to file a new case or view your filed case in the Case Preparation Folder.

Not a Forex Peace Army member yet? Registration is free and simple >>

Step#1 - Initial Review

Your complaint will be posted in the semi-private Court Case Preparation folder. It will be viewable by FPA staff members, some senior FPA members who have agreed to help with cases, and by the company that you have complained about when they are invited to view the case. This insures that the description really is of a problem that merits an FPA Traders Court vote.

If the company decides that addressing your case at the FPA would violate their privacy rules, please download the waiver of privacy form. Print it out, fill in all the appropriate parts, and send it to the company. If the company requires physical delivery instead of scanning and emailing it, make sure to send the waiver form with a delivery service that requires a signature upon receipt.

If the case doesn't qualify, you can still continue to complain in the FPA Scam Alerts Folder and your 1 star review will remain. If the case looks like a real problem, you will get advice from those who can see it and the company will be invited in to address the issue. If the company fails to address the issue or their responses aren't adequate in the view of the court, then the case will be moved to a different public folder for the next step.

Step#2 - Public Comments and Voting.

Your case is now official and will be prominently listed and visible to tens of thousands of FPA members and site guests on a drop down menu on the company's review page and available for public comments in the forums. This will provide a major motivation for the company to quickly understand that this is a serious issue and either provide evidence that they are not at fault or to resolve it.

If not, an email will be sent out to all FPA members asking them to please come and vote on your case. The vote will remain open for 1 week. At the end of the week, if the vote is for "Not Guilty", that will be reflected on the company's review page.

In general, most companies decide to come to a reasonable solution when faced with a legitimate complaint in such a public web site combined with solid evidence. If the company resolves the issue before the vote, the case will be listed as resolved. If the company resolves the issue to your satisfaction later, the verdict can be changed from Guilty to Resolved.

Step#3 - Forex Peace Army Traders Court Action.

In the event of a Guilty vote

  - Your 1 star review will be changed to a special rating of 0 stars. This will further reduce the company's average rating.

  - The company's review page will have a link to your case and the Guilty verdict displayed in a drop-down menu on their review page.

  - An email listing all new Guilty verdicts with links to the cases will be sent periodically. This will be sent to our mailing list of over 50,000 traders worldwide.

In severe cases, the FPA Scam Investigations Committee may investigate further. If this happens and a resolution isn't reached, the company may be officially labeled as a SCAM in the eyes of the FPA. If this happens

  - the company will be labeled as SCAM in Forex Peace Army Review Section until the issue is resolved and the details of the scam investigation will be listed in our Forex Scam Blacklisted Folder

  - an additional mailing about the issue will be sent out to our entire membership

Since FPA Scam findings were implemented in early 2008, well over 50% of the websites that the FPA has declared to be SCAMs have gone out of business.

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