Important notice for Telegram/Instagram Victims


It's easy go to telegram, on the channel or group click on the drop down menu and click report. You have option to state why you are reporting the group or channel in the case what is states is not your reason. Also note that there must be 30% of the whole members of the channel reporting for the channel or group to be labeled a scam channel or group.
Secondly you need to also know you can screenshot correspondence with the owner of the group or channel with proofs that truly funds exchanged was done between yourself and the owner of the group or channel that way forex Peace Army can look at it and take the necessary action.

Screenshots of correspondence is good of course, but this is no evidence at all.
The scammer knows you can take screenshots of correspondence and he can write anything and introduce yourself as anyone.


I am a recent victim of telegram, what i went through its already provided in this forum. unfortunately i am taking notice of this only now.


Master Sergeant
One thing I learned is that do not get into things that you are not sure or do not understand. Follow your gut feelings.

Maybe you do have a lot of knowledge but is still worth to do more research on it and verify their credibility. Sometimes these scams sound too good to be true.