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Searching So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

Help me find a company


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Hello Troops,

I'm feeling a little burned out by hearing nothing but scam, Scam, SCAM all day long. I have a broker that I don't like. The reason I haven't changed is that I'm worried a new one would be worse.

So, what I really want is to hear from as many of you as possible. If you've used a broker and like them, tell about that in this thread. Please include information about how long you've traded live with the broker and how the withdrawal process went.

1. Write in your own words. Don't copy advertising from the broker's website. There's enough of that in the Spammers Hall of Shame already.

2. Give some useful information. "Broker A is great!" doesn't tell anyone how good the broker really is.

3. Not everyone will like the same brokers. If you disagree with another person who posts, please do so respectfully.

4. If you work for the broker, mention that in the first sentence of your post.

5. If you have any other financial relationship with the broker other than being a happy customer, mention that in the first sentence. This thread is in the Commerce Zone, so commercial links are permitted. You can put in an affiliate link. If you do, tell everyone why they should use your link instead of going straight to the broker's website.

6. If I catch anyone breaking rule 4 or rule 5, the consequences won't be pleasant. I'm also hoping that everyone will follow rules 1-3. I'd like this thread to be useful, not a spam war or a flame war.

One other request. As long as you are writing such nice things about your broker, go ahead and leave them a review here at the FPA too.

I´m trading since end of last year with LightForex. Overall a good broker with fast payout. But I had for 3 times an connection error only with them (everything else worked fine) for up to a couple of hours. That could be deadly for EA trading.
Second account for EA trading with FXDD Malta for about 3 months. No problems yet.
I use MIG Bank out of Switzerland, been with them for about 6 months.
-good spreads, no comission, allow hedging, easy to fund/withdraw, good customer service. They send you signals too - multy-day, multy-week and intraday. I have only been paying attention to those signals for about 2-3 months and I should say they have about 60-70% win ratio, at least for the first TP. Howard Friend is their analyst. But they usually come in streaks - 4-5 good trades, 2-3 bad ones.
Leverage depends on teh account size - 500 for up to 10K, 200 for up to 50K.

-sometimes during the news, especially big ones, like NFP, no connection for 5-10 seconds, happens about 20% of the time. Slippage 1-2 pips happens about 10% of the time. No micro lots, just minis.

Hi Moderator,
I traded with fxxd in 2008 uptill 2009.It was a disaster for me.WHen am making reasonable cash and i wanna close the trade to come out,It will disallowed me until the cash am making dwindles.I lost more than 8000dollars.Since,then i have stopped trading with them.Am presently demo trading with alpari uk and so far,i have no querry.Really looking good.Hopefully,am gonna start my life acct trading by next month
I've been using the Collective FX, been with them since the early days and have to say its a good solid no nonsense broker with good spreads.
If you have a complaint against a broker, us the broker's discussion thread or put it in Scam Alerts. The only complaints against brokers that belong in this thread are as a counter-point if someone else endorses them.

For example,...

Josiahemmy, you didn't give any details. Instaforex has a very bad reputation at the FPA for grabbing profit from traders. It's so bad that the FPA has an active Scam Finding against InstaForex. Did you try to withdraw profits your account yet? If so, how did that go?
I have been trading with FxPro for a couple months. There have been no problems, and I am leaving them to go to Thinkforex for three reasons:
1) my account is too small to use their minimumlot sizeof 0.1; and
2) they have a restriction of 5 pips or more away from the market price to place stops.
3) paypal fees forfunding andwithdrawal are too high
Otherwise I have no complaints. Easy withdrawals.
I use IBfx, FXDD and Alpari UK.

Hi all,

First, I use IBfx for the last 3 years now. So far I'm satisfied with their services.
every Live chats are polite and helpful.
Since about May 2010, when they use 5 decimals, the executions becomes superp, no more re-quote. So, my scalping EA also running and making money. MT4 add-on programs are useful. and
No problem with withdrawals.
But I escape from American brokers because of their Low Leverage, and No Hedge. Left some hundred dollars, and let the EA running.

second broker I use FXDD.
Live chats are terrible, you could expect 10 minuets for a simple answer. I prefer to use support email with them.
However, executions are not bad (expect some delayed for Instant order). Withdrawal are fast.
One thing I like with FXDD they often give bonuses to deposit more money with relatively little round lots.

3rd, Alpari UK.
have not experience Live chat with them, because every thing went well.
MT4 add-on program the Alpari Chart Patterns are GREAT.
My scalping EA also runs well and profit, that's the most important because at some hours their spreads went CRAZY, like EURUSD=10.8 pips.
Have not yet do any withdrawal.

Those are my experience.