So, are there any brokers anyone likes?


capital spreads

ive been using capital spreads for just over 2 years.
highly recommended.
to begin with i had a lot of requotes during the NFP. still do but not as bad now. and anyhow ive calmed down and learned not to trade at such a dangerous time.
the platform is stable and reliable, 1-2 pip spread for most of the pairs i trade.



I'm using InstaForex and so far they're very impressive
me also a client of instaforex.
while i making losses...everything is great.
but when i making huge profit (compared to my acc size), they started to going bad.i have an issue with them right now.they executed my PO 50pips away from what it should, i am waiting for their reply and action soon.
i will update again soon.

for the time being, i didnt say they are good or not.we'll see then.


I am Using FXpro platform.

Dear All
I am using Fxpro Broker for my trading since Jan'2010.
Excellent chat / support. Deposit / withdrawal no problem - it will take 3 to 5 days. But withdrawal charges is just more.
Very big problem is requotes - requotes -requotes -lot of times it happened but not most of the day evening time and busy time only.
Otherwise very good broker. I met no other problem.


i use Alpari UK. and Alpari Nigeria at Lagos, they have been wonderful to me and my other trading friends.....i wont trade them for any other broker bro.:)


Private, 1st Class
dbFX- My #1. Great spreads. Asset security. Top personal service. Never an execution problem. Quick deposits and withdrawls.

IBFX- My #1b Same as above. Honorable Mention. Solid execution. No problems.

Currently demoing FXDD and they look good.

I am running EAs for the past three months with all. I am profitable. I run on VPS with all and no connection issues.


Private, 1st Class
I use Alpari UK as my primary broker and have not had any problems. Mostly use emails as means of communications and they are quite quick to respond.

Using MT4 with Alpari and love it.

Couple of issues -
- requotes during news releases. For e.g. todays UK retail sales, got 3 requotes before my trade went through and in the meanwhile the pricing had moved 20-30 pips.
- nightly spreads are huge - 8-10 pips. Impossible to do short term trades on that.

Used GFT in the past and was not happy with the platform. Very confusing and lost lots of money very quickly.

Also using CMC to a small degree but they only have web based platform and mainly spread betting. Not very active on that but they are quick.


Tradenext is one i Like

Well in reply to your title,

I have tried alot of brokers, and basically, if their prices are good, something:D else is lacking, but the guys at did a sterling job...pardon the pun. I am still trading strong. as soon as i get a problem i will be on here to report...but until then may the force be with you...or at least your broker.


Broker Evaluation

I signed up with GFT (Global Futures and Forex) in August of 2005, and I am still with them. While they offer several trading platforms, I have always (and only) used their 'DealBook Web' mobile platform, which allows me to trade wherever I can get a solid internet connection (sometimes challenging). Initially there were problems with the type of browser I used to connect with
(I'm a Mac user so that added some complexity), but GFT's tech department - who have always been easy to contact and helpful - worked with me until we found the best one for my computer. In the 5 years I've been with GFT, I've experienced only two 'crashes', where Forex volume was so heavy that it 'crashed' their system. Considering that these 'crashes' were resolved within
an hour, their technical standard is high, and they always have people to man the phones if there is trouble with the network.

I've found that GFT offers competitive spreads, and a wide array of currencies to trade. I've never wanted to trade a currency that they did not offer. With the recent addition of 'fractional' breakdowns in currency prices, they've definitely taken the experience up a notch.

While it's hard to compare GFT with other brokers (since I haven't used any others), I can say that they've provided me with all the tools I've needed to execute the trades I want to execute.


MB Trading and Citi FX Pro

Here are my thoughts on the two brokers I've used:

MB Trading:
- great spreads and low commissions
- fair and consistent fills on all limits and stops
- acceptable platform (I use their Navigator), but it's not my favorite
- excellent customer service

Citi FX Pro
- moderate spreads, medium-high commissions
- outstanding order execution... never had any slippage at all
- best platform I've used in terms of functionality (I've demo-ed about 6 or 7)... one-click market orders, stops can be placed at offer OR bid price, for example
- good customer service
- starting account is $10,000 minimum, though :unhappy:


Go Markets

Have been using them for a couple of years now, and they are first rate.
Their spreads are very good, their funding and withdrawals times are excellent. Their support is excellent, and very fast. Reliable platform, and highly recommended. Have used FXCM prior to Go Markets, but had a few issues with their platform performance. Thats why I changed.