OPTECK scam

    This company in the year 2016 cheated me to the tune of £10,000 Can FPA court help me NEVER EVER TRUST THIS COMPANY BASED IN CYPRUS REAL CROOKS
  2. C

    OPTECK scam

    I seek help here, how to retrieve back all my lost from OPTECK firm from Cyprus.
  3. R

    Complaint on opteck payouts

    hi the opteck guys may call you to trade with them, my advise do not trade with them they have pay outs of 64 percent with will waste your time, also the account manager will be rude when you withdraw from them, so do not waste ur time and money on them this is my email to them
  4. E

    cheated by Opteck

    I invested with Opteck USD 10,000 out of which I recovered USD 300 only due to their scamming practice. At the beginning I had a standard account of USD 2500 and I participated in some webinars to learn how to trade.I managed to made some loss (USD 1800) and then I started receiving enormous...
  5. P


    i have been CHEATED by (Opteck Binary option broker) on september 2015. They signed me up with opteck account manager Jacob Allen, firstly they came up a story that they are regulated and ask me to take a account manager so i won't lose money and they promised to give me a profit of 50% to...
  6. S

    Please help i a very huge amount trading with Opteck

    I have been cheated by opteck first by false promise that I can withdraw money at any time. And when I raised the withdrawal request they misguided me in taking the loosing trades and I lost a very very huge amount. I still have some amount left and stopped taking trades and I am chasing them...
  7. W

    www.opteck.com/ ..............not trustworthy

    For over two weeks no response to my withdrawal requests. Have written daily, received the e-mail delivery confirmations and read confirmations every time. Yet no payment received nor any response to my requests Hi Guys This withdrawal is WAY overdue and the money urgently...
  8. B

    Opteck scam

    I signed in for a 200 dollar account with Opteck, the customer service asked me to go for silver account of minimum 1000 dollars where the from a broker will be provided, I went ahead and transferred 1000 dollars from my credit card and the account was opened, On May 27 broker Adam Foster called...
  9. vincentstaples

    Anyone in South Africa who is with Opteck Binary Options!

    I have attempted to delete this thread - Sorry!
  10. M


    Through an advertisement I was contacted by Opteck.com by a person by the name of Daniel Stark. After our initial discussion I allowed him to withdraw $5000 US. This transaction was posted on February 28, 2013. I started training with him. He took me through the platform, charts etc and said we...
  11. michael.rom

    Complaint by Multi - opteck mega scam!!!!

    I had in the month of October 2016 malfunctions to the platform for which I was promised a refund of their support, even after almost five months I have not heard from them, do not even answer emails
  12. T

    scamming by opteck binary broker

    An opteck agent named Jake colman who convinced me to start with 250$ just to try Opteck and learn the basics and to know more and trust opteck. In the third day Jake call me and told me i have a good new that opteck had a special offer 50% on golden level and i can become a golden member and...
  13. gab-manca

    Complaint by Multi - opteck scam

    Ciao esercito ! oggi vorrei porre l'attenzione su un broker di opzioni binarie OPTECK.COM dalla quale sono stata truffata io e il mio gruppo ,dopo aver segnalato il problema al supporto e alla mia referente , e ci è stato riferito sia da essa sia telefonicamente da un loro agente che saremmo...