Through an advertisement I was contacted by Opteck.com by a person by the name of Daniel Stark. After our initial discussion I allowed him to withdraw $5000 US. This transaction was posted on February 28, 2013. I started training with him. He took me through the platform, charts etc and said we would soon trade together. During our weekly and sometimes twice a week sessions he asked for more money to realise greater profits. I did not respond immediately so the sessions still went on but no trading as yet. All through March we talked and learned but no trading.
On March 9, 2013 I agreed to wire the company an additional $55,000 US. The training continued but we had not taken any trades together after he said we would trade.
After a month of this, I decided to pull out. I informed him that I was stopping and requested to withdraw $59,418 US, the balance in my account. I had traded on my own and lost almost $600 US. This withdrawal was requested on May 2, 2013. For nine days we talked because he did not want to lose me as a customer. He came up with a a suggestion that he would appoint one of his professional brokers to do the trades for me with $25,000 US in the account. I agreed to $20,000 US which he agreed to. I was to be contacted by this broker and start trading. In the meantime I requested a withdrawal of $40,000 US. As it so happened, I was never contacted by the broker. So after a few days I informed him that I was quitting and I put in a further request for the full amount of $59,418 US.
On May 11, 2013 he said the $40,000 was released. But on checking my account on the platform, the money was still there. After a lot of talking on skype, on May 17, 2013 $5000 was released and put into my Visas credit account. I had requested a withdrawal of $59,418 US not $5000 US. A lot more talking on skype ensued. On May 18, 2014 he informed me that $35,000 US was sent. He kept $19,418 US. More talking with him through skype as to why these kind of games were going on but no satisfactory answer ensued. On May 23, 2013 he said that he was pressing "billing" to send the balance of the money. "Billing" said that that they are trying to process a wire for the money "manually". I asked what that meant as a wire only takes half an hour to send. From the 23rd Daniel Stark will not answer my skype approaches neither will billing. So I decided to join you to help me recover the $19,418 before it goes on for too long. I would appreciate you help in this matter. Thank you for hearing me out.
Mario Stathopoulos
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The $5k to your credit card first makes sense. Brokers do that as a "refund" so that they don't little, if any, fees on the transaction.

Did the $35k transfer arrive? If so, that's promising. If not, your problem very bad.

Go ahead and start a discussion with your bank and local police about how to file an internet-based financial fraud charge from your country.

Send OpTeck an invitation to join this discussion thread and explain why they have so much trouble finding the money to pay you what they owe you.


I too have a problem with Opteck. I only went as far as $5,000 as the training at that level. The training combined with the platform being mostly unable to give me the trades I wanted made me decide to discontinue my career as a Binary Options trader. I applied for return of my $5,000 and profits of $550. The initial amount of $5,000 was returned to my Visa card but some weeks and several emails to Opteck has produced no responses and no $550.

So please be warned and remember "caveat emptor"