scamming by opteck binary broker


An opteck agent named Jake colman who convinced me to start with 250$ just to try Opteck and learn the basics and to know more and trust opteck. In the third day Jake call me and told me i have a good new that opteck had a special offer 50% on golden level and i can become a golden member and get a benifit to have an account manager who will give you trade with 90% ratio of win. I accepted because he gave me an opportunity to work with a person who has a big win ratio and maybe this is my best occasion to start this kind of trading then I transfered to opteck by western union 250$ + 2500$. In the fourth day i received a call from Emma Nelson my previous account manager, i asked her to start trading she refused that and she ask me to invest more in the beginning i refused and i asked why? she told me the minimum amount i accept to trade for you is 10.000$, i told her but how you say that and i have a golden account level, she refused and told me that she has a big team and no one from her team lost and the ratio of her win trade is 100%, i refused because i didn't believe that and because i didn't have money. in the second call i told her i have a right in your company and i need you in trading and i demand from her to don't let me trading alone because i don't have experiance and at the same time i will learn from her but she refused also and she told me (i will never trade for you with a small amount). at this moment i demand to withdraw my investment 2750$ she told ok no problem but let me call you after a while to make discussion. After a while She called me and said i will give you a great offer, i will give you a secure account in this account you can trade everyday with 3000$ if you win you will get profit 3000$ and if you lose you will cashback your money and this secure account will stay 60 days and if you rach 30k without withdraw during this 60 days you will get another bonus 30k. I proposed her to start trading with me by 2750$ maybe we can reach this amount because i don't have money but also she refused. Unfortunately Emma was able to convince me to borrowed the 12250$ amount and at the same time managed to convince me not to trade with a small amount balance 2750$ for a simple reason which is I have $ 3,000 guaranteed and profitable trades 100% without any risk and she sent me an email signed by opteck to convince me more. After one month I borrowed the amount and I made transfer also by western union because I hadn't bank account, and all my hope was to make profit and start inviting my friends to join me but what was not expected happened, Emma and Mr Aaron Haiz used with me quick option trading/ short time/ and high risky. While I intercepted started and I told them why you don't use the long time trade and be guaranteed, their answer was why you are afraid I know what I do and if you lose we lose. Our trading profit was 6000$ in the first day of trading together by team view. and my balance become 22000$, when Aaron finished trading with me I received a call from Emma tell me that I should invest more to benefit from her new offer ( open secure account for ever without limiting time, black account and a laptop MacBook apple pro) ofcourse I said no I can't and I told her how can I invest and you know that I already borrowed 12250$ here she try to convince me and she proposes to me to borrowed this amount for three days and when the 10000$ enter my balance in opteck platform she will activate a withdraw of 10.000 and she will accept withdraw. I also said no I can't make another deposit by credits it's a big risk for a man like me because really I had 1$ in my pocket. when she finished her call and she takes my answer no, Aaron called me at the same hour and he said (I have a very good trend and signals now and you can reach 30000$ now let's start trading) in that time i didn't doubt that he was agreed with Emma to convince me and make a mandatory to make a deposit. we start together and he gaves lost trade which made me lose 10000$ (100+200+600+1800+5000). I asked him about the secured trade and cashback he told me this trade not for 3000$ so we lose it but don't worry we can recover it now by this guaranteed trade of 5000$ we lost it too I said stop please and give me my secured trade 3000$, but he escape from my question and he said yes this is the trade that will recover you lost this last trade was like a gun he killed me, and he started say ''oh my god'' and said ''sorry A I told him what do you mean????? he said you lost your money but if you make now a deposit we can recover your money slowly by a high risk trade, it was Shock and I was stupid afraid of the words of people like my family and friends. I ask him for cashback he said no cashback for today because we didn't make a 3000$ trade and we can't continue before you make a deposit . in That night I didn't sleep; I was thinking and reading about opteck reviews and call the live chat support. before my start in binary all my family member Alerted me and threatened me to don't work with them so i thought alone without advices and I was like crazy how will I pay my credits, i received a call from my account manager to told me don't worry you can recover everything you are with Emma team. I was shocked can't think i was stupid can't guess I decided to borrow other 10000$ to make the deposit become a black member then I have a secure account with no limit and I put a condition on myself to don't play gambling with Aaron just make my secure trade 3000$ everyday and recover my lost without informing my family. Till that moment i didn't doubt that Emma is a scammer. unfortunately I borrowed also 10000$ and I sent it by western union when the money entered my account I made a withdraw of 8000$ I sent some emails to my account manager to activate my withdraw without answer I call her by phone no answer, I call live chat no answer my account manager escape. I received finally a call from Aaron, I asked him where is my account manager he said she has a mission in the united state and she is not in the company I said ok activate to me my withdraw he said yes I will do it but before I will recover your lost by some guaranteed trades., I told him no please give me only my 3000$ trade he said yes I will but please believe me these trades are special for you, and i feel what you feel and he swear that he try his best to provide me these trades, unfortunately too i was stupid i believe him and I fall for the third time he gaves me lost trade my balance become 5000$ he cancelled my withdraw i demand him please don't cancel it i will enter the prison if i don't payback to the man who borrowed me the money, i asked him to give me my secure trade 3000$ he gave me it but lost one and i don't remember how i found my balance empty, this story age is 4 month i made a lot of complaints in opteck complaints department without answer. can you help or advice