1. D

    Problem Libertex

    Señores Libertex Quería explicarles lo que ha sucedido para que espero no le vuelva a pasar a nadie más y tomen las acciones respectivas ya que atentan contra la buena fe de las personas que confían en su compañía y sus asesores. 1. Yo me inscribí con un monto pequeño por qué desde el...
  2. mauricio727

    Problem Libertex closed my operation

    Be careful, they definitely do not play fair. A few days ago I lost 6300 due to calls from their associates to enter supposedly winning operations and today I see that they closed others that I had open.
  3. mauricio727

    Problem Libertex calls you to lose money, do not fall into his trap, I give him 0 points

    a few days ago I was a victim of libertex through their associates who call me and make me trust them by telling me about their skills and experience in the sector and who promise to help your account go up quickly, they ask you to send 5000 thousand dollars so I said that I could 1,500 I...
  4. mauricio727

    Problem Libertex is not reliable, it induces you to enter operations and makes you lose everything.

    This week on Monday and yesterday, after having deposited more money and having managed to bring my account to 4,000 dollars myself, a Mr. Mario calls me and tells me that an important event has happened and that it is the best time to buy in eurusd I trust his call, I run, turn on the computer...
  5. P

    Resolved: Libertex problem withdraw

    Hello. On 06.10.2022 I withdrew money from my Libertex account. I have not received the money yet, although I received a message about a successful transaction. I got a message from them that it was a technical problem and to wait more. What would be the best thing to do? Thanks
  6. G

    Resolved: SCAM LIBERTEX

    Hi everyone im miguel sorry for my English if is not the best. so i recently open an account with libertex did a couple of trades and i made some gains but when i try to withdraw my funds....they just ignoring me .....before all of this they used to answers me via telegram when i had a some...
  7. D

    Libertex withdraw problem, HELP

    Hi guys, I've read recently a thread in your forum about a guying been withhold from drawing his money out of his Libertex acc. Link to thread: I also have the same problem. I have my...
  8. M


    Libertex just stole my hard earned $750 out of my account. Why does not the regulatory body take care of them or take legal action?
  9. A


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  10. M

    Resolved - FxClub/Libertex unable to withdraw my funds

    This is regarding the issue I'm facing with FxClub (aka Libertex). I've been trading with these guys for almost two years (March 2016). I traded without problems making profit and even they allowed me to make a withdrawal once. Two months ago on Oct 17, I placed a withdrawal request which was...