1. Guitarman1973

    Help Wanted Attention all: UFX / Trade360 / ParagonEx / Reliantco Investments Ltd Victims

    Hello fellow victims and interested parties, ParagonEx are attempting a reverse merger involving a Chinese company as per the SEC filing link below: http://archive.fast-edgar.com//20190205/A7K2QQ2CJ222AZZ2222L2ZZ9TTOLT222I2B2/ This means that the money you have been scammed out of is being...
  2. F

    I'm a victim of Ubinary

    Hello, I'm a victim of Ubinary - join a lawsuit with other clients, at .giambronelaw com UK Londen. timesofisrael.com/2500-victims-of-binary-options-fraud-to-sue-in-london/ I lost an amount, you can buy a new house from it! they deliberately, kill me in a trading room when i was on...
  3. N

    Ubinary Option

    I opened my account with Ubinary in Oct 2016 with US$ 500. Then I received a call from the broker who became my account manager explaining to me about binary option and asking me to deposit more money to gain more and all other nonsense you all know about. In Dec 2016 my deposits reached more...
  4. nasser1438


    The amount came with trading profits to $ 34,000 and then the manager of the account asked me to buy the Swiss franc because it would collapse and it was a chance to win. I told him it was a risk that 100% very big gains. The first deal was $ 8,000 and then the second $ 10,000 Then the third...
  5. nasser1438

    company ubinary fraudulent foresight

    لقد فتحت حساب في شركة ubinary التبصر الاحتيال وتحذيرهم بشدة بعيدا عنهم فقدت مبالغ كبيرة أكثر من 24،000 $ ولكن مع صلت الأرباح 34،000 $ بسبب الغش وسيتولى كل ما عندي من المال أريد أن مقاضاتهم في المحاكم، ولكن الذي يساعدني الذي يوجه لي سوف يغفر لهم أبدا، وعندما دخلت على حسابي وجدت كارثة كبيرة جدا...
  6. C

    Ubinary no withdrawalswithdrawals

    Started trading with ubinary with Ben Rose. He took around USD35k from my credit cards. Most trades were profitable. And always asking for more money. Manner on phone was either agressive or very sweet. I requested USD10k and received USD2.5k. The USD7.5k was "apparently" lost in transit. They...
  7. Fraudprevention16

    UBINARY - I'm also a victim and want to get in contact with others

    Hi there, I'm also victim of ubinary.com. I have actually met an individual apparently he is Head of Sales of Ubinary.com in London when I signed up for the Ubinary account. He promised me that he will be the point of contact for me in terms of my account, but now he says that he is not...
  8. M


    Baed on advertising about UBINARY co.on internet i transferred 250$,760$ and 3000$ to UBINARY account through their agent account in KSA ( Seventh Gulf Trading ). the first 2 transfers already credited to my account in UBINARY but third transfer not yet credited to my account till now although i...
  9. korolei

    ubinary.com fraud alert

    ubinary.com company is using Honey Pot fraud techniques to lure in potential victim. once you opened an account with them and deposit some money (usually $250-1000). Right away your so called broker, would start calling you and suggesting to deposit more money ($5000-15000) and you'd get your...
  10. J

    Ubinary scam

    I also have been scammed by Ubinary. They did the exact opposite of what I asked them to do. I explained my job was in jeopardy from the oil crash. I informed my broker ( Gary Kingston ) to not increase amount of positions and keep number of positions small until I know about job. I then told...
  11. B

    UBinary.com - Misuse of my invested funds

    My Ubinary.com experience During October 2015 Ryan Allman my Account Manager outlined a plan for me that he said, conservatively, could return around 2K to 3K per month on the US$20,000.00 I had invested And by December 30/12/2015 the account was progressing according to the plan In the 30-day...
  12. E

    uBinary USD50k Loss

    Managed Account Deliberate Losses: I have been trading with uBinary for about 18 months. Initially I was wary since I had deposited money and lost with other Brokers, mostly small, but USD22k with Banc de Binary - another story. I started small with USD1000 and gradually deposited a total of...
  13. A

    Beware of Ubinary especialy Dr Hassan Bakry

    take care they deleted all my profits after 1 year trading
  14. Master Yoda

    Scam warning- www.ufx.com=ufxmarkets=ubinary=paragonex=Toyga

    Dear members, Today I have decided to investigate the UFX inc. more deeply following a little tip I have got which claims that UFXmarkets aka UFXBank have decided to open new brand called www.ufx.com At first I thought it would be impossible to investigate the links, after all they know that...
  15. S

    www.ubinary.com professional scam to steal money from people

    i have an ccount 28000$ and my account manager was working on it. since two months .till many days back where i try to withdraw 18000 $ from my account...i send them 3 letters and write through the withdraw money that i need to withdraw this sum..then suddenly next day many loosing contracts was...
  16. M

    uBinary problem

    Now my problem this spring I had some medical issue that may have required surgery and with all surgery there could be complications. That is when I decided to move my money home from England where UBinary offices are located. I then advised UBinary via email and attached the appropriate...
  17. A

    Discuss uBinary.com

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  18. sailfish9229

    Ubinary scam alert

    Stay away from Ubinary, I made a withdrawal of $100 just to make sure that they would pay me which they did. The Senior Account Manager (Jim Olsen) took my account from $1000 to almost zero in 2 days, 1 trade was $300 and 3 trades of $200 which was done without my permission (check the...