uBinary problem


Now my problem this spring I had some medical issue that may have required surgery and with all surgery there could be complications. That is when I decided to move my money home from England where UBinary offices are located. I then advised UBinary via email and attached the appropriate requested forms and documentation for the transfer to my Bank. I think you can understand the concern I had if something where to happen while in surgery and my family would have to try and get the funds. Within a day I receive an abusive phone call from my Senior Account Manager(Kimberly Daniels), saying that I was not allowed to and that she and only she could push the button on her computer to send my money. After I hung up I thought to myself she will do something to get even; kind of a premonition.
Sure enough she opened over $13,000 US in trades without my permission within the next two days and there was nothing I could do to stop her. Originally we had agreed that she could trade up to 20% of my balance (at that time it would have been for $1500.00) and that she would advise me before she made any trades which she had always done in the past. The trades expired one month later and basically I lost $9889.69 US. The mystery even gets better when I complained to their compliance department all of a sudden the web platform will no longer let my see my account statement. I cannot get anyone to return my calls or fix the problem with the web page so that I can at least print off a statement to give to my accountant for a capital loss.


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I hope the thread owner updates his therad! I wonder what could have happened after that!! crazy how some people would actually do that to a man, given that he need his money! jeezz


Scammers don't care if you need the money to prevent a nuclear war. Once they have your money, their only intent is to keep it.