1. B

    Been scammed by ufx

    Hi my father was originally looking into bitcoin. But somehow ended up at UFX whom got him to invest his life savings through a cold call. They assured him that his monies were safe. He had a senior trading man assigned to help him called dave Clarke based in Cyprus. After a few courteous...
  2. Guitarman1973

    UFX class action

    Contact me to join our class action litigation case: UFX.class.action@gmail.com
  3. L


    Sorry I couldn’t find a UFX heading please can you tell me ....... Have an amount in UFX which I want to width draw, to do this they are asking for either passport or driving licence, I’m reluctant to share these but to widthdraw funds they say I need to. Funny how I did not need to supply...
  4. R

    Resolved: UFX scam any help appreciated?

    Hi, I want to share my story about UFX and how they have ruined my life and want to avoid anyone else going through the same mistake. My trusts has gone with everyone and I can’t believe I was so naive to go with it. It all started in 13th April 2018, earlier this year, I lost someone dear to...
  5. D

    Ufx withdrawn

    Anyone know about ufx? I need to withdraw my money back of $500
  6. Lion2678

    UFX scam

    ufx is a scam broker everyone be aware !
  7. A

    UFX Scammed again.

    On the 4/1/16 I regrettably joined UFX. The personal account manager assigned to me was Tom Marks. I started with an initial deposit of $1000 US Dollars. Tom got me to do some small trades and I made some small profits. He then insisted and insisted that I should deposit more and more. Finally I...
  8. W

    UFX at their work

    Thought would post this for two reasons, first reason to to see if any other guys or girls on here have had the same mail or telephone calls from the above named company. The second being to maybe prevent ones from fallling into these broker traps more inclinded to happen with new traders. Here...
  9. J

    ufx.com - ufxmarkets.com

    UFX.com is one big SCAM company. We are investigating them further as others has done. They have had lawsuits against them - for good reasons. I never experience scam on this level before. Very refined. Be aware. This is NOT just about you making bad trades.. But about THEM being very...
  10. A

    Problems with ufx

    Before I go into to detail of how I lost £140,000 and tell my story of how I lost my complete life savings in a matter of days. Am I even in the right formsection to name and shame Ig and ufx or even are they in the wrong??? I believe so but I need to share my stories with other to find out if...
  11. K

    Scammed by UFX Markets

    I have been with UFX for about 5 months. Firstly I actually do currently have an open trading account with UFX. I have experienced some negative instances with my previous account manager which resulted in me making a complaint. I always judge a company on how complaints are dealt with. My...
  12. A

    UFX Market scam or not....My expereience

    Hi, I am a new member at UFX market.I got link from Facebook and joined on last week.First i deposited 200usd and selected mini account.I got a call from customer care support and they said if you are a beginner or experienced it is always better to start with 500 so you can get bonus of 150...
  13. F

    ufxmarkets scammed a friend with a sum of $ 1.000.000 !

    Hello All . ufxmarkets scammed a friend with a sum of 1000.000 $ do you know a way that can help us retrieve money back ? please advice Regards
  14. V

    ufxmarkets doesn't want to pay me the gains

    My name is Bernic Victor and I’m writing this complaint in my mother’s name, Bernic Agneta, against “RELIANTCO Investment Company Ltd.” registered in Cyprus. On her name I opened a trading account on jully 2013. Firstly you must know this complaint was sent by post to the...
  15. Remaaz

    Can't withdraw funds from UFX

    Hi everyone I started trading with UFX with 5000 usd on Nov 23,2016 and within few days I made 4000 usd my balance became 9000 usd. Then my account manager started persuading me rise my funds and to take a loan and unfortunately I did. I added 82000 usd on Dec 1,2016 and he recommended that I...
  16. FranzWeihnacht

    UFX - Possible Scam

    Dear all, as many here reported, I -too- believe I have just been scammed, by UFX. I summarize the story here and in case it needs revision, please, let me know. I have started playing with the demo on the UFX website and soon after I started receiving several phone calls from UFX. They wanted...
  17. G

    Complain from ufx company

    Dear sirs I have a complain from ufx company, they intented to loose all my account of 230000$ inspite of my repetative emails to them worning from loosing the account but they told me do not worry if you have only one $ in the iquity (WE SUPERVISE YOUR ACCOUNT THROUGH OUR RISK MANAGEMENT TEAM)...
  18. A

    scam confirmation of market movement at UFX

    I had been with UFX forext company about more than 2 months. They asked me to deposit as much money as possible. and the trainer pushed me to trade a lot. I told them i want to trade by myself but the trainer still called me many times and said he got the confirmation of gold and oil. just...
  19. T

    Tim616 vs UFXMarkets.com & CySEC

    I had been trading with UFX for quite a long (about 18 months) time without any trouble, and quite a bit of Profit. I had been making lots of trades and withdrawals. That was until the 4th of January this year. When Gold had a big Rally, which wiped out my account. But the problem wasn't that my...
  20. vgasper


    On 15.JUL.2015 I was trading EUR/ CAD pair and I made 7571.36 USD profits. The same day I get email from their employee (VikyG@ufx.com), they deleted my profit (7571.36 USD), in connection to section 9.6 terms and conditions. So they claim there was "NO QOUTE" on the market in the time of my...